You’ll Be Able To Take A Ride On A Replica Of The Titanic In 2018

It’s commonly known that the story line in the Titanic movie was fabricated. However, the crew went to great lengths to attempt to recreate an accurate model of the ship for the movie.

The staircase you see Jack standing on really did exist, along with many other rooms and props you see throughout the film.

The detailed sets were part of the reason I loved the movie so much. You really appreciated how gorgeous the ship was in real life, and it’s a shame that it all came to such a sudden and tragic end.


The good news for history and movie enthusiasts around the world is that you’ll be able to set sail on the Titanic II in 2018.

While there will be many changes to the ship to ensure everybody’s safety, including enhanced stability, additional lifeboats, and fuel efficiency…

…a majority of the interior will be historically accurate. You’ll even be able to experience first, second, or third class dining!

I wonder if there will be table dancing?

Tickets aren’t available yet, and there’s no word on what the prices will be like, but we can only imagine that they won’t be cheap. Still, it definitely seems like a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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