Woman Claims Banana Republic Manager Punished Her Over Braids


Destiny Tompkins of New York took to Facebook last week to accuse a Banana Republic store outside of New York City where she works of discrimination.

In her now viral post, Tompkins claims that the manager of a Banana Republic inside the Westchester Mall told Tompkins that her braided hair was “too ‘urban’ and ‘unkempt’’’ for the store’s image. Adding that the braids were not “Banana Republic appropriate.”

Tompkins’ Facebook post reads:

 “So today I went into work at Banana Republic at the Westchester Mall and after the district manager (a white woman) popped in for a visit, I was told to go to the office to speak with my manager, Michael (Mike), who is a white man.”

After her post went viral, Tompkins told ABC 7 that she plans on quitting her job and is considering legal action. She says she wants this manager to apologize, to be disciplined, and to understand why she was offended by the comments.

In a statement to The Cut, a Banana Republic’s spokesperson did not respond when asked if braids violated company policy. They did, however, reply with this:

In a later statement, the chain confirmed that the store manager has been terminated.While another added: