Wife’s Plan Backfires When She Puts Her Husband Up For Sale

Have you ever tried to sell someone on bidding websites? There’s no way it can end well.

I can vouch for this as I once put my mate on eBay and my account was suspended due to me being a security threat and possible human trafficker.

Teresa Turner, of Kings Lynn, Norfolk, didn’t become a suspected criminal when she put her husband on Facebook, but her plan did back fire.

Credit: SWNS

Mum-of-one Teresa got a bit fed up of her hubby, Rob, as he got on her nerves. She put him up for sale, assuming it’d knock him down a peg or six, but it did the exact opposite.

A number of women bid for him and reacted to the post, giving him a glowing response.

“I have a 33-year-old husband who is no longer needed due to getting on my nerves,” Teresa wrote in the post. “I don’t want no money [sic] he is FREE he is house trained and toilet trained, first to collect.”

A couple of hours later members of the ‘sell it in Kings Lynn!’ page had given over 300 reactions to the post.

Apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back was Rob because he kept playing an annoying video to her, which got on her nerves because of her misophonia.

Credit: SWNS

“I just found this video of a person crunching really loudly, and she told me to stop playing it,” Rob said. “I just played it to her over and over again, so she went upstairs and then I just saw this notification on Facebook saying I was for sale or something.”

He does have general habits too, which most blokes are guilty of, like leaving dirty washing about, not doing jobs around the house and paying more attention to footy.

He said: “She’s always telling me to do the washing up, cut the grass… she even cut up my football boots so that I wouldn’t play football.

“It was because I’d broken my leg twice though and I’m not supposed to run, so it was from a good place, really.”

Sadly, sometime following the post no one who showed interest has come through and collected Rob, but that’s okay for Teresa.

“My husband thought it was funny and still does. He’s got a great sense of humour, thankfully,” she said. “It gave a lot of people something to laugh at and it brightened up their day. I’m happy that our silly sense of humour made others laugh.”

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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