[WATCH] Tom Cruise & Zac Efron Recreate An Iconic ‘Top Gun’ Moment


Tom Cruise has been reliving his Top Gun days lately and he decided to act out one of the film’s most memorable moments with none other than sexy crooner Zac Efron.

Zac Efron had his shot to audition with one of Top Gun’s classic scenes on The Graham Norton Show on Friday June 2. And since casting is currently underway for long-awaited sequel Top Gun: Maverick; the perfect suggestion for Tom Cruise’s new wingman would definitely be Zac.

Tom Cruise/ Top Gun/screenshot

During the show, Zac paid homage to the Top Gun actor in a very heartwarming message:

“My look is an homage to you, dude, you set that trend,” Zac started.

Zac Efron/Credit: by Cover Media.com

“Can I pay you a compliment? Throughout your career Tom, you’re known for action, you’re known for being the man, the go-to guy for so many different genres.

Zac Efron /
Credit: shutterstock.com
You’ve mastered them all and I don’t care if it’s or it’s stunt work or backflips — the one thing you do that’s magnificent is maintaining a character with an arc all the way through a film. I learn from you every single time I watch your movies.”
Zac Efron/ Credit: Bang Showbiz


The two studs then recreated the most epic scene from Top Gun, standing up from the couch and high-five-ing each other. “Need for speed!” they chanted as the crowd erupted in a loud applause.

Tom Cruise/Credit: by bangshowbiz.com

Is he warming up to him to get the role in the new Top Gun movie? We hope it worked, because what’s better than Zac Efron and Tom Cruise in one blockbuster!