Twitter User Jokingly Claims That Kylie Jenner Actually Died In 2013

People were quick to get on board with the old conspiracy theory that Avril Lavigne was actually dead this week, and now more of the same is creeping out of the woodwork.

The ‘Complicated’ singer allegedly died way back in 2003 and the Avril we have seen and heard since then is in fact her body-double and paparazzi decoy, Melissa Vandella.

Each to their own and all that, and believe what you want, but, do you think someone would actually make a body-double marry that bloke out of Nickelback? Think about it – who’s the one person who is actually suited to a member of that band? Avril Lavigne, of course.

A match made in heaven. Or hell. You be the judge. Credit: PA

There’s other theories regarding former Beatle Paul McCartney died 50 odd years ago in a car crash, as well as people believing the likes of Kurt Cobain and Tupac are still alive.

Point being, you can literally pick a name out of a hat, choose a form of death and then claim they’ve been replaced. In fact, if you fancy it, convince the younger members in your family that your uncle in old pictures is not the same man around today, just for a laugh (don’t do that, it’ll be highly traumatic).

@_w0rmboy alluded to the fact it’s possible to do this with anyone, putting forward the claim that Kylie Jenner isn’t the same person due to the fact she looks nothing like she did in 2013.

In fact, she was replaced after she died, with someone who intentionally looks nothing like her as to improve ratings for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Obviously, this is what fame, money and possibly plastic surgery does to you, but, by that logic, in some ways it’s actually not the same person. So, y’know.

Anyway, some people got the joke, others didn’t. Those that did enjoyed it, though.

Next week on People Who Aren’t What They Say They Are, Twitter users uncover the secret of Lindsay Lohan, who is a shape shifting lizard committing every atrocity, crime and murder since 1986.

Stay tuned folks, it’s a good’un.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@_W0rmboy

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