Teen’s Dad Walks Her To School On Her Very First And Very Last Day


When most children are young, they have a parent or a sibling walk them to school or the bus stop. This little routine most likely stops when a child reaches the age of 10 or older and then they are responsible for getting themselves to school.

When 18-year-old Brittany entered her last year of high school, she knew that she was getting closer to adulthood. On her last day of high school, her father Jason Gayler decided to walk Brittany to school one last time.

The photos are absolutely adorable and the internet is losing its mind at the sight of the adorable father-daughter duo.

You’re going to love this adorable story about family and tradition and you’re definitely going to want to call your dad after reading this.

Brittany and her father live in a small town in Texas. About two weeks ago was her last day of high school and Jason decided to do something special.


He was inspired when he saw this old photo of himself walking a 5-year-old Brittany on her first day of Kindergarten.

Graduation is an important milestone in a young person’s life and it symbolizes a time of change, growth, and development.

The fact that this father and daughter duo decided to recreate something so sweet amidst such a hectic time is truly adorable and inspirational and the internet loves it.

he before and after is almost emotional with a tiny Brittany dressed in pink barely reaching past her father’s hips to being almost the same height as him.

During times like these, it’s pretty normal to get a bit nostalgic. Here’s a photo Brittany shared of herself dressed as Snow White from Halloween.

Reactions on Twitter have been pretty mixed. Some people are pointing out how adorable the situation is. This Twitter user thinks that the reenactment is cute. 


Others have their eyes on dad, with some ladies even expressing how good he looks. This is one of the milder ones, but there were some Twitter users who were more focused on the dad’s looks.