Rainbow Bangs Are Blowing Up On Instagram Because We All Need More Color In Our Lives

Welcome to the internet! This is where all things magical, weird, and plain nonsensical live. Just when you thought you’d a break from insane Instagram trends, we’re here to remind you that rainbow bangs are 100% a thing.

People are dyeing (permanently and non-permanently) their hair all sorts of Skittles-like colors to truly reflect the rainbow. Check it out!

You know it’s a trend that’s blowing up Instagram when even Selena Gomez approves of it!

She is, after all, the Queen of Instagram.
Instagram | @nickiswiftceleb

Even if you don’t have bangs that go straight across, you can still try out this fun and colorful trend! Just dye the front pieces of your hair.

Don’t worry, you’re still a unicorn!
Instagram | @hairlizaard

You don’t always have to go for the typical rainbow colors and order, either.

Who said the rainbow can only be ROYGBIV?
Instagram | @evie.fulford

If you want to look like a character straight out of a cartoon, then you should try the trend using pastel colors.

Instagram | @princess.confetti

If you manage to pull off this off, everybody who sees you will instantly feel better and happier about their day.

How can you not when you’re looking at a human rainbow?!
Instagram | @katehannah

Rainbow bangs even work for people who want to add a bit of edge to their everyday look. Top it off with a hat, killer winged liner, a bold lippie, and you’re good to go!

Instagram | @caitlinfordhair

I can’t think of a better way to spruce up some Bettie Page bangs.

Instagram | @cryistalchaos

And for the brave people out there, fun and bright colors don’t have to only come to life on your bangs. Just dye your whole head with rainbow colors!

Instagram | @vanaglory