Missguided Won’t Photoshop Their Models’ Stretch Marks, But The Internet Is Very Suspicious


Missguided has joined other major brands who have decided to swear off photoshopping their photos.

This is an amazing step forward toward representing women all over the world as real and not using their brand to perpetuate impossible standards of beauty.

While we’re all about celebrating this and patting Missguided on the back, it appears that the internet is not sold on the company’s decision.

Without making a huge announcement, Missguided quietly started using unaltered photos of their models showing off the clothes.

Twitter | @NicoleTabner95

It was actually people on Twitter with keen eyes who started to notice that the Missguided models were photographed with their stretch marks showing.

Praise immediately came, with people telling other brands to take note and saying how refreshing it is to see models with imperfections.

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But like all things in life, the celebration stopped after the internet noticed something strange when Missguided posted two photos of a model wearing a bra and underwear set.

Instagram | @missguided

People started flooding the post with comments and speculation that the stretch marks were fake!

Instagram | @missguided
There were people pointing out some lighting and photoshopping fails that pointed to this being true.

And once you see it…you can’t unsee it.

If this is true, why bother photoshopping stretch marks on the models? Why not hire models who have stretch marks already? It seems like a poor way to jump on the “body positivity” bandwagon, and people can see right through it.

Missguided hasn’t commented on this yet, but it’s clear that people on the internet have very sharp eyes.

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