Marine Who Borrowed A Stranger’s Truck To Save Vegas Victims Just Heard Back From The Owner


When shots rang out at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, former Marine Taylor Winston scrambled to help out.

Amid the chaos, Taylor and his friend, Jenn Lewis, tried to get as many people to safety as possible.
Facebook | Taylor Winston

Before ambulances arrived, that meant finding a way to transport victims to the hospital. So Taylor tried to find a nearby vehicle with the keys still inside.

Fortunately, the first pickup he tried had the keys handy. Taylor and Jenn made multiple trips to the hospital with blood-soaked victims, transporting about 30 people in all.
Facebook | Phelps Amelsberg

When the dust had settled, Taylor was being hailed as a hero, and the truck’s owner tracked him down.

The two exchanged some pretty moving texts.The owner, Phelps Amelsberg, just wanted to know how the victims were doing and if he could get the keys back. Taylor apologized for taking the truck, assured him they’d taken good care of his toolbox, and they arranged for Phelps to get the keys back.
Facebook | Phelps Amelsberg

Seriously, Phelps was cool with the whole thing. He wasn’t worried about the condition of his truck.

He just wanted people to be okay.
Facebook | Phelps Amelsberg

Multiple people put out the idea to start crowdfunding campaigns to help Phelps out, but he turned them all down.

Looks like he and Taylor are just a couple of good, humble guys happy to do good in the world.

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