These Magical Unicorn Tip Manicures Are What Dreams Are Made Of

Unicorns have been the center of our universe, and it seemed to happen overnight. We woke up one morning, and all of the sudden, unicorns were everywhere, for no real reason or explanation.

Unicorn makeup, unicorn bath bombs, unicorn makeup brushes, unicorn frappuccinos, unicorn phone cases… which I might or might not have on my phone right now.

Of course, no trend would be complete without a little nail art, right? People have taken to social media to post their unicorn-inspired nails, and these are super creative.

These magical manicures are everything that our childhood dreams were made of, with halochrome polish, unicorn horn details, rhinestones — basically the works.

We’ve all seen unicorn nails before, right?

Many are made with a halochrome finish, which is seriously stunning.
Instagram | @margaritasnailz

But, nothing else could even come close to these babies.

Introducing icy unicorn tips, an actual magic manicure that is leaving all of us mesmerized. 
Instagram | @sohotrightnail

Seriously, I am living for this look.

The application almost gives an icicle-like effect, and the result is so gorgeous! 
Instagram | @_allured

Seeking out something more subtle?

These ombré unicorn nails fade from clear to silver chrome, with a beaded accent nail.
Instagram | @dknailsalon

That beautiful, rich blue hue is perfect to offset the silver and clear unicorn ombré!

Instagram | @danika13xd

But, these reflective, enchanted unicorn, icy nails take the cake, without a doubt.

 Look at that sparkle! Can we make these a thing everywhere, please? I need these nails, asap.
Instagram | @sohotrightnail