MAC’s New Eyeliner Looks Like A Pizza Cutter

If you feel personally victimized by eyeliner, please raise your hand. You can’t see me, but I have both of my hands up right now. It’s so hard, and no matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch, I still find it hard to master. If you have eyeliner issues like me, then check out this new eyeliner that you’ll probably want to get your hands on!

This is MAC Cosmetics’ new Rollerwheel Liquid Liner — and it’s pretty much changing up the eyeliner game!

The eyeliner tip makes this product so unique!

It’s kind of like a pizza cutter, right?

The roller applicator makes applying eyeliner super easy!

It’s also great for people who have a tough time making their eyeliner look thin.

Instagram | @makeupbymichael

You can also buy this eyeliner in brown and blue!

One thing is for sure, I need it in the black! I’m also digging the blue.

Instagram | @mac_styleboxfields

I love how sharp and thin the lines are!

Perfect for anyone who has shaky hands.

Instagram | @makeupbymichael

Here’s how it looks, and I’m really liking it.

This product is going on my makeup wishlist!
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