Would You Let Your Boyfriend Get Bleached Tips?

Well, the day has come. And we all knew it was going to happen — even though we held out hope that it wouldn’t.

We saw chokers take over, denim skirts come back into style, and suddenly everyone was taking out their tracksuit pants.

And now frosted tips have come back to haunt us all.

Justin Timberlake will forever be the guy who people point to when they talk about triple threats.

Instagram | @justintimberlake

But people forget to mention that in the ’90s, he was a hair icon.

He had the ramen hair and the frosted tips. He had it all!

Sure, Guy Fieri, Mark McGrath, and Jason Biggs tried out the style. But nobody came close to JT.

And now the trend is back in full force! Apparently, this is 100% a thing again.

I had no idea you had to wear a cap with holes in it and pull your hair through to get the look!

Instagram | @clayluan

But would you let your boyfriend get frosted tips?

It certainly is a look.

Instagram | @clayluan

It’s a way for your boyfriend to get in on the ’90s trends coming back!

And this might be better than seeing him wear denim on denim. JT will never be able to escape his past style choices and that’s my favorite part of this whole thing.

Instagram | @clayluan

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