Ladies Trolled Their Men With A Beauty Blender And Twitter Is Losing It

There is one thing about guys that can be considered a hard truth — if he isn’t interested in something or doesn’t use it on a regular basis, he will know absolutely nothing about it.

Or they will interpret it sexually. One or the other.

Twitter is in tears after a hilarious trollfest broke out when women started to send their guy friends a picture of a pink beauty blender and asked what they thought it was.

Let’s check out this thread…

If you haven’t seen or heard of these egg-shaped beauty blenders, you’ve definitely been living under a rock. Or you’re a guy.

If you own one of them, you know that they are perfect for applying makeup in a streak-free way, plus they are easy on the eye.

Beauty guru Selena Faye started quite the stir when she told her followers to take a screen shot of this beauty blender and send it to their guy friends.

The post literally blew up and thousands of people have liked and re tweeted the post. Some of these guys truly delivered and ladies everywhere are losing it.
Twitter | @TheSelenaFaye

This man knows he has no clue what this thing is, but he tries so hard to make up for it!

Out of all of those responses, I would definitely say “space-age bluetooth speaker” is the most creative.
Twitter | @laurenonizzle

Now this one I hope was a joke.

Actually, I really hope this isn’t serious because no one should lose custody of their children because of a beauty blender. Just sayin’.
Twitter | @mickyb273

OK, this guy knew what it was, but only for a very specific reason.

I can imagine that this was a pretty traumatic experience for dad because he had to deal with something!
Twitter | @cgritmon

So I mentioned before that guys will interpret something sexually if they don’t know what it is, but I take that back.

Depending on the guy, they will also interpret it as electronics. Does this thing even really look like speakers?
Twitter | @Longtails53

But my original point rings true. We have our first taker.

I only included one tweet reply with this answer because it was by far the most popular one. SMH.
Twitter | @kyleigh_kash
Don’t act surprised! You knew what he was probably going to say.

Guys started to get pretty creative, though, and were pulling from Muppets characters to answer this difficult question.

You can’t say that he’s far off at all. It honestly looks the exact same aside from the color.
Twitter | @iLove_CC
What this man lacks in knowledge about beauty products he makes up for in savant-level memory for details from his childhood. Not sure if this is a good thing tbh.

And again! I never knew that guys had such a special connection with specific body parts from childhood TV shows.

Again, he is totally right. This woman is also creeped out by the impressive memory her man has. If he’s this good, what else does he remember?
Twitter | @justkIance

Some guys are special and happen to know exactly what it is without it being tied to a traumatic memory.

Good work sir! You are doing life right.
Twitter | @catquinn
Let’s get back into the ridiculous answers, though. Let’s just say very few men had any idea at all what this was.

Samer, somehow you kept your response clean. Good work!

Twitter | @ranaaomaar

This dude went there, yep.

“It deals with women?” “It’s red?” Well, it has to be something dealing with periods then, right? Funny, but also disturbing.
Twitter | @FookaaaDuck

This was definitely one of my favorites.

I say we go to an art museum and give it a try.
Twitter | @zehra_xo

After this man learns what the object really is, he tries to explain why this can’t be reality.

Dude, give it up! It’s for makeup!
Twitter | @zehra_xo

Other guys tried to put themselves in their girlfriend’s shoes.

I can hear him thinking, “what does my girlfriend talk about?” “What have I seen her buy in the past?”
Twitter | @lyssaxrae
At the end of the day, I think this exercise in trolling reveals all the things about guys that make them a unique species. They don’t accept reality even when it’s presented to their faces and they interpret everything either through the lens of sexuality or electronics.

This whole obsession with childhood TV characters caught me off guard, but hey, we’re always learning, right?

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