The Internet Is Shook After Finding Out What Fenty Means


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Rihanna has a new makeup line, and I’m sure you already know about it by now! Fenty Beauty has a range of 40 foundations, dramatic highlighters, and a stunning lip gloss. I’m seriously obsessed with her line.

Fenty Beauty is doing so well, and I can see it being a staple in a lot of makeup bags.

Even the name of her brand, Fenty Beauty, sounds unique!

Some people actually asked her where she came up with the name. Ummm, are you being serious?
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Well, I don’t know if you are all aware, but Rihanna’s full name is actually Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

FENTY! That’s where she got the name of her beauty line.
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I think it’s safe to say that people were shook when they found out the news.

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This is actually hilarious! I wonder how Rihanna feels.

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After hearing about all the commotion about people finding out what Fenty actually means, Rihanna posted this photo with the caption, “when people ask how I came up with #FENTY.”

Rihanna is hilarious! I mean, I would be a little irritated, too, if people didn’t know where the name came from!

Did you know that Fenty was her last name? Comment and let us know!  

Instagram | @badgalriri