These Instagram Models Are Proving They Don’t Have Perfect Bodies

It’s easy to feel less confident about your body when your Instagram feed is full of gorgeous models who always look flawless.

I know I’ve found myself hating the rolls on my stomach or my double chin that presents itself when I smile too big.

Thankfully, these models are showing their followers that the real magic is in the camera angle.

1. I know that we’ve felt resentment for the way our thighs love to flatten out when we sit down.

Instagrammer Imre Çeçen is showing her followers that yes, this even happens to models, so let’s stop being so hard on our thighs and start giving them a bit of love.

Instagram | @imrececen

2. She also demonstrates just how important posing is when taking a picture.

It’s easy to look “unflattering” when you’re standing as a normal person would. It’s all about accentuating your best features.

Instagram | @imrececen

3. Aerie model Iskra explained to her followers that pics are all about good lighting and angles.

“Always remember social media’s not real life never let anyone else’s pics make you feel insecure about yourself,” she wrote.

Instagram | @iskra

4. It’s hard to believe that these pictures were taken 30 seconds apart.

“In the [left photo] I am tilting my pelvis forward, bloating my stomach as much as possible … hunching my shoulders and slumping. In the [right] photo, I’m standing tall, I’m flexing my stomach, my spine is in proper alignment.”

Instagram | @cristinastief

5. In this picture, even something as simple as adjusting the bottoms of your bikini make all the difference.

“I adjusted my bottoms to show my gross, unsightly and horrid love handles. These are often concealed by my high waisted pants and bottoms that do fit so much better now,” she wrote.

Instagram | @plankingforpizza

6. This is another perfect example of what correct posing can do to your figure.

I have to admit that whenever I find myself judging my body, I’m always standing in the most unflattering position, like the left picture.

Instagram | @rayray_recovering

7. And just like this model, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stuck my belly out as far as I could, convinced that something was wrong with me.

A lot goes into having a flat stomach, from hormones to bloating to water intake, so let’s not be so hard on ourselves.

Instagram | @maeve_madden

8. Even the clothes you wear have a huge impact on how your body looks.

“Don’t compare, just live for you. There is no one on this planet who’s like you and that’s pretty damn amazing don’t ya think. The world doesn’t need another copy, it needs you,” she writes.

Instagram | @selfloveclubb

9. “Me 1% of the time vs. 99% of the time. And I love both photos equally,” writes Insta model Anna Victoria.

When you have over one million followers, these types of posts are very important.

Instagram | @annavictoria

10. Thankfully, she’s no stranger to letting her followers know that even her stomach has rolls.

Everyone has their good angles and bad angles, so let’s stop focusing on what we think makes us look unflattering.

Instagram | @annavictoria

11. Even just changing the position of your hips can make a drastic improvement in your selfies.

These photos really make you think twice about every model picture you’ve ever seen on Instagram.

Instagram | @jessraeking

12. This mother of three is showing off how she hides her stretch marks in photos but also how she’s proud of them.

“Imperfections make you real, approachable, human and one of a kind,” she writes.

Instagram | @jaeatleta

13. Obviously sucking in can give you the appearance of a thinner stomach, but also take note of this girl’s facial expression.

Even a smile can make a selfie go from 0 to 100, just like that.

14. How many of us have taken our phone cameras and attempted to take pictures of ourselves at our most unflattering angles?

I know I have, and I think it’s time to start working on the angles that make you look awesome, like this.

Instagram | @jenwiderstrom

15. Twenty-year-old Sara Puhto is showing off a series of Instagram photos that, I’m not joking, made me feel so good about myself.

Honestly, if you ever needed a confidence boost, here it is.

Instagram | @saggysara

16. Again, it’s all about the pose. There are very few models out there who have zero rolls on their body. It’s just not natural.

I can understand why people want to hide them, but I bet everyone’s self-esteem would be a lot higher if we didn’t.

Instagram | @saggysara

17. Again, it is completely normal to have fat. Don’t let these angles fool you.

“We all have fat, it’s perfectly normal and okay! We need that fat layer on our tummies to protect our vital internal organs,” she writes.

Instagram | @saggysara

18. This one is probably my favorite because of how drastic of a difference it is.

“Nobody’s booty looks round and peachy from all angles. Nobody’s body looks the same from all angles,” she explained, and she is so right.

Instagram | @saggysara

19. I know there’s a lot of pressure out there to get that perfect “bikini body,” but this picture just proves that there’s really no such thing.

If you want to rock a bikini, just do it. Don’t worry so much about how it makes your tummy or thighs look.

Instagram | @saggysara

20. After 20 pictures of women proving that flattering Instagram photos are all about the angles, lighting and confidence, I hope that women stop shaming their own bodies for having rolls and curves.

SHARE if you’re going to think twice the next time you start to compare your body to somebody else’s.

Instagram | @saggysara

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