H&M Sizes Make Women Feel Fat, So I Went There To Check Them Out And Report Back

For some people, shopping is a fun experience. Trying on new clothes, buying cute outfits…it’s a great time.

But it’s really frustrating when you try on your size at a store and it doesn’t fit. No, you didn’t magically go up a size overnight…it’s the store and their nonsensical sizing standards.

This post is inspired by a young woman who faced the same sizing struggles at H&M.

Ruth Clemens is a size 12 (U.S.) and struggled to fit into the store’s clothes. As soon as I heard her story, I knew I could instantly relate and was so glad I’m not alone.

When H&M responded to the criticisms, they said, “At H&M we make clothing for all our stores around the world, so the sizing can vary depending on the style, cut and fabric.”

Facebook | Ruth Clemens

I’ve had my share of struggles at H&M in the past but just assumed I was trying on the wrong size.

So I took my six-foot-tall, size-14 self over to H&M and shopped around the store for various styles of pants and shorts.

This is what my regular shorts look like from American Eagle. They’re not too tight and feel really comfortable. If only all stores could provide this kind of comfort for their curvier shoppers.

First of all, there was not a single size above 12 in either of these piles of shorts.

Yes, I stood there and sifted through each and every one, feeling more and more awkward as I got to the bottom of each pile.

Finding my size to begin with proved to be a challenge, but I managed.

Don’t worry, I did stumble across my size in a different section of the store, and surprise, surprise, they were way too tight.

I couldn’t button these bad boys up, and it’s not hard to see that they’re a little too snug to actually be comfortable.

Next up was a black pair of “skinny jeans.”

Yet again, I couldn’t button them up. Trying to wiggle into these things was a show in itself, and don’t get me started on attempting to take them off.

I was starting to feel pretty self-conscious about my size at this point.