Heidi Klum Was Savagely Cut off by Jimmy Fallon and It’s so Awkward to Watch


While I have never been the host of an extremely popular late night talk show (although I can dream), I would imagine that between teleprompters, feature clips, and commercial breaks, it can get hectic.

Balancing the logistics and timing of the show with the need to remain charming and funny cannot be a simple task… inevitably, there are hiccups. A particularly cringeworthy case of a balancing-act-gone-wrong occurred on The Tonight Show, with the ever-lovable Jimmy Fallon being the perpetrator (in a rather shocking turn of events – I mean, does that guy EVER mess up?).Model and TV personality Heidi Klum was on the show to promote the upcoming season of America’s Got Talent, discussing various highlights of the season and previewing what audiences have to look forward to. One moment of particular interest was when a very talented chicken played a lovely rendition of America the Beautiful on the piano. Klum was discussing the humorous and honestly impressive nature of the act, and after showing the audience a clip, she had one more thing to say. “And can I tell you something?”, she asked, not knowing that the answer would be an abrupt NOPE!

Heartbreaking. What did she want to tell us??? Thanks to sweetheart-turned-monster Jimmy Fallon, we will never know. Just look at the index finger he points at her, as if to say ‘Hold that thought, Heidi… FOREVER’. We can assume her intended comment was some insider knowledge regarding the musical chicken, which is crucial information that we are now forced to wander around not knowing for the rest of our lives.



Klum plays it cool though, and impressively does not appear caught off-guard by the interruption. As someone who has been a TV personality for many years, she likely understands that their dialogue was running late and that the show would cut to commercial in a second. Still, we can’t be 100% positive that she wasn’t at least a little bit offended in the moment. She has a pretty good poker face, but I’m sensing just a hint of frustration underneath that supermodel smile…

Although it looked harsh, let’s be honest. We all know (or just really want to believe) that Jimmy Fallon is probably the nicest person on the planet. In his defense, you can tell from the pained look in his eyes that he knows his transition to commercial had come across as rude. He awkwardly freezes in a rigid pose and half-laughs to himself as the screen fades out, leading us to believe that he apologized profusely to the supermodel the moment they were off the air.

At the end of the day, show business is a ruthless place. Perhaps this was no accident at all, but rather a first public glimpse at how competitive and cutthroat of a person Jimmy Fallon is.Part of us may be hoping that this interruption spurs a feud between Klum and Fallon that goes on for years, a la Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel. Unlikely, but maybe if we talk and tweet about it enough they’ll give us the rivalry we want? Here’s hoping.