Google Drive Can Now Back Up Your Whole Computer

If you’ve ever lost your laptop or had your computer go kaput on you, then you’ll know that the expense of replacing the tech is only half of the problem.

Losing all your photos, videos and important documents is pretty, bloody devastating.


However, now Google has launched its new Backup and Sync feature, meaning you can use Drive to automatically store all files saved on your computer’s hard drive – or on other memory cards. Thanks, Google.

Backup & Sync will let you store photos, documents and videos, and keep them in their original format, on the Google cloud storage, so if your computer breaks you don’t need to cry too much.


The handy new tool will create your entire desktop folder directly in Drive. Meaning as well as keeping your files safe should your computer crash or completely break down, you can access your folders wherever you are.

Credit: Google

Ideal if you get a burning desire to finish that boring presentation you started in work once you’re home or work on your collection of original cat memes while you’re in the office.

The feature has been released for PC and Mac and replaces Google Drive and Google Photo. You can select the folders you want it to continually back up to Google Drive and it will do it for you. Clever.


On its blog Google wrote: “It’s a simpler, speedier and more reliable way to protect the files and photos that mean the most to you.” So, 11GB of memes…or whatever.

You can download it here.

But, before you go thinking this is the answer to all your clumsy prayers, be warned that users are only given 15GB of free storage. After that you’ll need to pay or free up some space by deleting shit you don’t need anymore.

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