Forget the Iron Throne! Emilia Clarke Is Already Queen of This Real-Life Charming Castle

Daenerys is ruthless in her hunt for the Iron Throne, but real-life Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke is already queen of her own castle: a charming, feminine abode she shares with her adorable pup. And she recently dropped $4.6 million on a modern home in LA. Check out our favorite Daenerys — ahem — Emilia design moments ahead. We’re betting you’ll be beguiled by her style.

Cozy White Comforter

Nothing puts us in a sleepy, peaceful mood like a fluffy white comforter. And don’t even get us started on Emilia’s adorable eye mask!

Printed Quilt

If we were Emilia’s dog, we would want to take a snooze on that playful paisley quilt, too.

Butterfly Art

Butterfly taxidermy adds a whimsical touch to the living room. We wonder if Emilia plays the piano below it?

Neutral Sofa and Striped Dog Bed

Emilia keeps her living space calm with variations of neutral tones in gray and beige.

Feminine Pink Chair and Antique Framed Prints

We want to curl up on that soft pink chair in Emilia’s living room, and we’re loving the impressively stocked bookshelf we spy beside it. Wonder if she’s reading Me After You in prep for a movie sequel!

Rose-Hued Bedding

Emilia had us with her layers of inviting pink bedding, but we want to see more of the antique mirrored wardrobe we spy in the background.

Charming Vacation Home

Despite her fame, Emilia still appreciates the simple things in life . . . like time off in a lovely beach house.

White Countertops

Look carefully behind Emilia and you can spot classic white countertops.

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