Everyone Needs To Try Out This Fire And Ice Nail Trend Right Now

Instagram is where we all go to marvel at people’s makeup skills. These beauty influencers show off their ability to blend their makeup with hard-boiled eggs or fidget spinners.

But let’s not forget the fabulous nail artists! “Extra” doesn’t even begin to describe some of the nail art on the platform.

Check out this crazy fire and ice trend that’s going around!

These nails are fire and ice, and all things nice.

Instagram | @thenailceo
I love the blinged-out nails.

If you weren’t already blinded, here’s a close-up of the gorgeous nails.

Instagram | @thenailceo
These nails are giving off some major mermaid vibes. Even Ariel would be jealous of this fancy mani!

Who else wants a tutorial on this, like, ASAP?

Instagram | @thenailceo
How did she create the water effect? The fire?! How can people be so talented when the rest of us are just potatoes?!?!

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, this would be the perfect time to test out this mani.

Instagram | @thenailboss
A Song of Ice and Fire? Fire and ice nails? You’ll be the fiercest person watching the season seven premiere!

That middle nail is straight up FIRE.

Instagram | @thenailboss

According to @thenailboss on Instagram, you can buy the nail sheets for this online if you want to try out the mani for yourself!