Ever Noticed That Some Celebrities Wear Shoes A Size Too Big? Here’s Why…


Making red carpet appearances is all part of the job for celebrities.

Dressing in their best and standing beside other great and important people is just one of the ways celebrities stay in the press and how they stay relevant.

If one were to stop making public appearances, they’re at risk of falling out of the public eye.

That’s why red carpet events are a big deal for celebrities.

However, some reporters have recently noticed that some female celebrities are wearing shoes that are a size or two too big for their feet.

Is this a new fashion trend? Apparently not. It just appears that these fashion conscious celebs are onto a secret trick that most of us don’t know about.

Many of the Hollywood stars who flaunt their outfits on the red carpet generally wear high heels. But because of the nature of the events the celebrities are wearing the heels for too long, and things can get a tad uncomfortable.

By wearing shoes that are a bit too big for their feet, they are allowing their feet to breathe. It also prevents the feet from swelling and forming blisters.

If these celebs wore shoes that were their shoe size, by the end of the night, their feet would be covered in blisters and swollen.

So to avoid any foot discomfort, blister, or any sort of foot related pain, celebrities often choose to wear shoes that are at least a size too big.

Also large shoes, pumps or sandals won’t pinch, squeeze or rub the feet in the vulnerable areas of the foot (like the balls of our feet, or in between our toes).

Although most people would put a bandage on these vulnerable areas to prevent blisters, celebrities aren’t always allowed this as an option since cameras are constantly pointed at them, ready to capture and wardrobe malfunctions.

Now you may wonder, how do they keep the shoes on if they’re a size too big?

Well, that’s a great question!

They manage to keep them on because their designers usually place silicone pads inside the pumps.

This method ensures that the shoe fits snugly and rather comfortably on the foot all the while blood flow is not restricted and the feet won’t be pinched…

Double-sided tape is also used in order to keep the shoe on all night long.

But a simple way to avoid any weird looks could just be to wear a longer dress that can hide the shoe or to simply wear pants where the hem of the pants cover the shoes.

However, this trend in wearing oversized shoes has been steadily growing so celebrities don’t even need to go about hiding their oversized shoes.

So there you have it, hot Hollywood tips fresh off the press! Now you can grace your next formal event without the awful blisters, cramps, and foot pain! You’re welcome!