Even More Things We Never Knew About Leonardo DiCaprio


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Is there a bigger movie star than Leonardo DiCaprio? I think not. He’s got the critics on his side, he’s got the internet there for him (gotta love those Leo memes), and he finally got the Academy to see that he’s worthy of an Oscar. Leo continues to impress everyone with his movies, and I personally hope he never stops acting. Here’s what you need to know about the famous actor!

1. He was supposed to be Lenny Williams.

His first agent really wanted Leo to change his name to Lenny Williams because Leonardo DiCaprio sounded “too ethnic.” Good thing he didn’t listen to the agent!

2. Before they shot the famous “Draw me like one of your French girls” scene, Leo accidentally walked in on Kate Winslet naked!

“I was having my makeup put on—with nothing on—and there was Leo,” said Kate. “He saw me and went, ‘Whooa!’ and I said, ‘We’re going to spend the whole day like this; we might as well get over it now.’ That broke the ice.”

3. He’s been in several freak accidents.

He survived a shark attack, a plane engine explosion, and a skydiving mishap.

4. He made a mysterious movie that not many have seen.

He made a movie called Don’s Plum with his best friend Tobey Maguire. After a lawsuit was filed, the filmmakers and the actors both settled and agreed upon the terms that the movie would never be released in the United States or Canada.

Hmm… that makes me want to watch it even more.

5. According to Billy Zane, Leo would constantly try to gross out Kate on the set of Titanic.

Director James Cameron even said that Leo would fart in this long coat that his character had to wear and then make sure to sweep the coat over her face. “I mean, if anybody else in the world did that, they’d get slapped, and the other person would walk away and not talk to them for a week. With Leo, Kate would just crack up.”

6. He owns a private island and eventually wants to build an eco-friendly resort on it.

Will there be water gun activities? I hope so.

7. Playing Howard Hughes in The Aviator reawakened his OCD.

“I had the thing where I would walk to school and have to walk, you know, go back a block because I didn’t step on a crack. And I felt like something was going to go wrong if I didn’t do that. And I wanted to sort of reawaken that throughout the course of the film.”

8. He owns a fair-trade coffee company called La Colombe.


9. Leo and Mark Wahlberg originally didn’t get along before filming The Basketball Diaries.

But they patched things up after doing a read through together of the movie. “The next thing you know, boom, we’re hanging out,” said Wahlberg.

10. He was very interested in the lead role in Moulin Rouge! but decided he couldn’t do it when he realized his singing voice was “atrocious.”

11. Leo’s highest rated movie on IMDb is Inception.

It just so happens to be my favorite movie of his!
He also has some thoughts on that ambiguous ending. He has said that he believes that Cobb actually does make it out of the dream world and ends up in reality with his kids.
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