Even More Bubble Nails For A Bold Look

Your style is one way to show the world what you’re really like. Some people prefer to keep their looks low-key to match their quiet personalities, while others take as many risks as they can with their style. The same rules apply when it comes to your nails. For those looking to make a bold statement with a one-of-a-kind look, look no further than bubble nails. With their iconic shape and ability to come in any color you like, this is one trend that is sure to send a message.

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1. Pearl accents

This design adds a touch of class with miniature pearl accents.

Instagram | @nail_mast_krasnodar

2. Bring on the bling

I love the big gems on this mani. So royal!

Instagram | @strelkova_lesya

3. Pretty pastels

Perfect for spring!

Instagram | @irina_siberian_

4. Canary yellow

Yellow nail polish is one of the most underrated shades. Be bright with this cheery hue.

Instagram | @nail_mast_krasnodar

5. Why not go for a pattern?

You can never have enough florals in your wardrobe (or on your nails).

6. This look is fierce!

Take it from me, pink is making a huge comeback this year.

Instagram | @sinisterrougepinup

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