Dog Gets Surgery On Neck – Watch The Tearful Moment He’s Reunited With Owner And Won’t Let Go


Britanie Leclair
 on December 18th, 2017

The video of a heartwarming reunion has recently gone viral, depicting the moment a dog and his owner meet for the first time after serious surgery.

Source: Video Screenshot

Daily Mail UK reports that the event was filmed in Chennai, eastern India. The Labrador, named Jack Daniel, had to undergo surgery in order to remove a lump from his neck. The experience was no doubt traumatic for all parties involved.

It’s hard when we have to send our pets to the vet for a procedure. You constantly wonder if they really understand that the scary experience is all for their own good. Those of us with pets know that they are also a member of the family, and nobody likes to see their loved ones sick—especially with something as scary as a lump in their neck.

Although Jack Daniel’s surgery was difficult for all parties involved, in the end, it was a success and the lump was safely removed. The scared little Lab finally got to be reunited with his Dad just in time for the Holidays, and it was in this moment that the video was made.

The minute-long clip shows the room decorated for Christmas with a festive tree and a stack of presents. In front of the setup sits Jack Daniel’s owner with the pup nestled lovingly in his arms. The dog’s paws clasp the man’s shoulders, and the dog remains motionless as he huddles into his owner’s chest. In the clip, Jack’s back is erect and his bum is on the floor, giving him the appearance of a furry, little child grasping onto their parent’s neck.

Source: Video Screenshot

The man, for his part, looks peaceful and thankful, simply stroking Jack’s furry back and planting kisses on his head. In the video, you can see that surgery has left the pup with shaved portions of fur and set of sutures; at one point, I think I see a few tears in the owner’s eye.

Source: Video Screenshot

The video has taken the internet by storm; people worldwide are grabbing a box of tissues after seeing Jack and his owner reunite.

Watch the heartwarming reunion below!

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Even with all of the advanced technologies we have today, we can’t be everywhere all the time. Thankfully, we can use some hidden cameras to at least see what is happening while we are away. It’s not exactly the same, but it does give us a way to see what’s going on when we aren’t around.

Recently, some people have taken to placing a nanny cam in their homes while they are not at home to check on their pets because who wouldn’t want to know what they’re doing when they aren’t at home?!

For one mother to two dogs who recently set up a camera, the results absolutely shook her world!

The two dogs were seen the dogs howled as soon as she leaves her home. One of her dogs stares outside longingly, obvious that they miss her like crazy. After a few minutes, the other dog was also by the window, the two of them staring outside until she reportedly came home a while later.

The absolutely adorable action shocked the woman, as she originally placed two dogs into her home so that they would have a companion and wouldn’t get lonely while she was out. That didn’t seem to work out too well for them, however, as the dogs seem to be obsessed with being in the same building as their owner!

While it is super cute to be loved so undeniably by another, it does pose a little bit of a concern- should dogs be this attached to their owner, and how can we help them from feeling so desperately lonely while we go out and about in our everyday lives?

Check out the full video below, and let us know how you feel about these adorable pups!