Couple In Boundary Feud With Neighbour Find Lorry Trailer Parked Outside Home

If you’ve ever lived near an arterial road or train line then you’ll know the frustration of hearing vehicles and carriages non-stop. It’s almost weird to hear peace and quiet when you’re subjected to squeaky brakes or yelling motorists.

But if you lived in a regional town, the chances of that experience would be minimal. Unfortunately for one Welsh couple in Gaerwen, Anglesey, they have to deal with a massive HGV container parked right outside their property.

HGV container outside house

Credit: Daily Post Wales

HGV container outside property

Credit: Daily Post Wales

As a result, Sophia and her husband Gwyn have been locked in a bitter dispute with the owner to get it removed.

Tensions haven’t exactly cooled for the young couple and their neighbour, Mark Jones, after they rebuilt a boundary wall and took down trees. The neighbour claims Sophia and Gwyn did the renovation without the permission of Mr Jones and his wife.

Sophia claims after work was completed, Mr Jones drove his cherry picker towards her as she stood on the wall. The 26-year-old has told MailOnline: “I paid almost £2,000 for the materials and labour, and was not ready to throw that away, so I stood on the wall.

“Mark drove right towards me, putting the fork under me and lifting me and the wall. I started to panic.”

Image of Mark Jones

Neighbour Mark Jones. Credit: Daily Post Wales

Trailer parked outside property

Credit: Daily Post Wales

The couple believe that Mr Jones has parked what he refers to as an ‘agricultural storage container’ on their doorstep, as a revenge tactic. He says that if Sophia and Gwyn hadn’t taken down the trees, then their view of the container wouldn’t be as bad.

Mr Jones has given his conditions for removing the massive eyesore: reimburse the costs of the legal fees and issue an apology.

But Sophia says: “I can’t afford to pay for their fees and I am not going to apologise. I felt scared and intimidated.”

The neighbour claims that he has every right to keep the container at that location on his property for as long as he likes because it doesn’t breach any ‘criminal or planning laws’.

Looks like tensions are far from dying down.

Featured Image Credit: Daily Post Wales

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