17 Crazy-Expensive Tiaras Owned by the Royal Family Queen Elizabeth II’s Brazilian Parure crown is just incredible. BY MEHERA BONNER AUG 14, 2017 2.0K Leaves have met their match. PREVIOUS UNIQUE YARD TOOLS EVERY HOMEOWNER NEEDS THIS FALL VIEW GALLERY 17 Photos The time has come to stop everything and acquaint yourself with the British Royal Family’s veritable army of tiaras: a group of jewels that are so precious you can’t put a price tag on them, and so old they were around before the days of photography. We’ve all seen Kate Middleton, Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth decked out in bejeweled headgear, but the origin stories behind these tiaras are truly fascinating. From: Marie Claire More from House Beautiful: 10 UNDENIABLE WAYS KATE MIDDLETON IS EXACTLY LIKE PRINCESS DIANA HERE’S HOW PRINCESS DIANA SPENT HER FINAL MONTHS MORE FROM The Royal Family Kate Middleton | ELLE UK HOW KATE MIDDLETON’S “GEORGE” NECKLACE IS A TRIBUTE TO PRINCESS DIANA princess diana garden PRINCESS DIANA’S MEMORIAL GARDEN IS FILLED WITH THE MOST STUNNING WHITE FLOWERS royal etiquette 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER DO IN FRONT OF THE QUEEN ELIZABETH II No, The Queen Doesn’t Drink Four Cocktails Every Day NO, THE QUEEN DOESN’T DRINK FOUR COCKTAILS EVERY DAY INSIDE PRINCESS DIANA AND DODI AL FAYED’S CONTROVERSIAL RELATIONSHIP Prince Philip PRINCE PHILIP CARRIES OUT HIS FINAL OFFICIAL ENGAGEMENT THE MORBID REASON MEMBERS OF THE ROYAL FAMILY ALWAYS PACK A SPARE OUTFIT 7 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT PRINCESS DIANA, ACCORDING TO HER BIOGRAPHER princess diana kate middleton jewelry 10 UNDENIABLE WAYS KATE MIDDLETON IS EXACTLY LIKE PRINCESS DIANA PRINCE WILLIAM FELT HIS MOTHER DIANA’S PRESENCE ON HIS WEDDING DAY THE ROYAL FAMILY LIFESTYLE 5 AMAZING JOBS YOU CAN GET WITH THE ROYAL FAMILY RIGHT NOWHERE’S WHAT THE ROYAL FAMILY REALLY LIKES TO EATNEVER-BEFORE-SEEN LETTER BY PRINCESS DIANA REVEALS SHE FELT ISOLAT