If you’ve spent some time on the internet this past weekend, you’ll know that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have split up.

It’s been reported on every major news website, and by now, you’ve probably seen your friends comment about how devastated they are.

The couple that everybody deemed #RelationshipGoals has separated, and fans around the world have the same thought: “Love is dead.”

So why exactly is everybody freaking out about this couple? And why are people so quick to give up on love because a couple they don’t know decided to part ways?

When a couple decides to break up, friends choose sides. When a celebrity couple breaks up, the world chooses sides.

Did you know that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke up in 2005? That’s right! Over 10 years ago, these two decided to part ways. They moved on and found love with other people.

It doesn’t feel like it happened 12 years ago because we refused to let them forget about it. And we refused to let ourselves move on from it. That’s why whenever these two are interviewed about an upcoming project, they are always awkwardly asked about the relationship.

That’s why you still see quizzes like, “Are You Team Angelina or Team Jennifer?” and you can still purchase t-shirts that show where your allegiance lies!

Anna and Chris are not the first couple to get everyone up in arms over a breakup, and they won’t be the last.

Why do we care so much about celebrities, their lifestyles, and their relationships?

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I’m not writing this because I’m above it all. I’ll be honest, I was sad to hear about the news on the weekend and immediately sent the news article to all my friends. And do you know what we did? We tried to play detective.

Did they break up because the relationship couldn’t handle Chris becoming the hottest Chris on the planet? Did they break up because they were both too busy? Or did they break up because another person was involved?

And what do you know, the articles about cheating have already started. Unfortunately, society still hasn’t come around to the thinking that men and women can just be friends. And that’s why Jennifer Lawrence is already being blamed in the media for the breakup.

We don’t know any details, and there’s a good chance we’ll never know. But we love to invest time in celebrities because there’s a feeling that we know what’s best for people.

We’re given a little snippet of their personality and their private life through interviews and social media. We think we know them because we’re constantly inundated with their image. And that’s just part of their job! If we constantly see them, then we’re thinking about them. And who doesn’t want a long career in Hollywood these days?

Social media is more powerful than we give it credit. That makeup free selfie makes us feel closer to that celeb because she’s more relatable. Because they’re more “relatable” we feel like they’re our friends or people we know, and suddenly, we feel like we’re experts on their lives.

We never grew out of that Barbie phase. We treat celebrities as our dolls now.

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Playing with dolls, stuffed animals, or figurines was fun because you could create a life for them. They could have any job you wanted, they could wear all the clothes you wished you had, and they could have any personality you gave them.

In a way, we treat celebrities like that. We don’t know anything about them as a person. What we do know, and what they show us, is their persona. We know their personality as an actor, as a musician, or as a model.

It’s easy for us to imagine a different reality for them because that’s what we wish that we had. We want to live vicariously through them as they jet around the world, wear designer clothes, go on expensive vacations, and hang out with other famous and rich people.

But because they’re so far removed from our own lives, we think of them as one-dimensional. These are real people that we’re making assumptions about!

We’re always going to choose fiction over fact.

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“We met through mutual friends!” isn’t as catchy as, “We met during the audition process and shared a scene together. We looked into each other’s eyes and instantly knew we were meant to be together!” It’s all about how you spin things. And marketing people and brand managers know this.

I think we can all collectively agree that The Amazing Spider-Man movies weren’t good. But you know why people kept turning up to see the movies in theaters? Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

The amazing story of how they met during the audition process and fell in love while filming is the perfect fairy tale we want to read about. So what if they started off as costars or friends? We look at these relationships with rose-colored glasses, and suddenly we’re saying, “They fell in love on screen and off.” Cue the “Awwws!” and the “<3 <3 <3” comments.

The promotion of the movie always focused on Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy’s relationship compared to Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s relationship.

These idyllic relationships sell. We want to believe in dramatic love stories because relationships are in real life aren’t like that. What we see as characters and actors having chemistry might not be real at all. It could just be a very smart combination of good writing and savvy marketing.

The hashtag #RelationshipGoals is real, but the concept isn’t.

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Are you tired of all the “Social media is terrible for you” articles yet? There’s a truth to them, though. Why did we start saying Anna and Chris, Blake and Ryan, and all these other celebs are #RelationshipGoals? Because they kissed each other on the red carpet in front of cameras? Because they said nice things about each other in interviews? Because they posted a cute selfie on Instagram?

We curate everything on social media because it feels good to show the best part of your life. But that never tells the whole story. We got selfies and family photos on Instagram from Anna and Chris and automatically we assume they’re the perfect family. They can’t possibly have any issues that they’re dealing with together or separately.

That’s partly why people were so shocked by Beyoncé and Jay-Z when they revealed what happened in their relationship via their solo albums. We were all too busy shouting, “SLAY, BEY AND JAY!” to realize that they were going through things that couples go through all the time.

There isn’t a reason to aspire to have a relationship like theirs because we don’t know their relationship at all. But it’s easier to care about celebrity couples than deal with reality and our own problems. We want to look for fairy tales anywhere we can because deep down, we still want them to be real.

It’s always fun to ship characters and people, but it’s easy to get carried away.

I will always ship Chandler and Monica from Friends because they’re the best couple on TV. But they are fictional, so that’s fine!

But a problem arises when dealing with celebrities. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction were friends, but the incessant fan rumors about them dating actually put a strain on their friendship.

It’s fun to love these celebrity couples, but you shouldn’t invest all your time and energy into them. In the end, what they present to us through social media and interviews isn’t the whole story.

So don’t be too devastated that they’ve broken up. Don’t worry, love isn’t dead. They didn’t break up to make us all cry. You will find love even though they decided to split up.

Let’s not speculate about what happened and just hope that they are okay. It sucks to go through a breakup, especially one so public.

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