Biker Kicks Car In Road Rage Which Triggers A Huge Chain Of Events


Footage has emerged of a biker angrily kicking a motor vehicle on a Los Angeles freeway, which triggered a huge, and terrible, chain of events.

The video, recorded in the small hours of Wednesday morning, on the southbound 14 freeway, sees one car veer across the road, while another vehicle lands on its rough.

Police are now investigating the incident – which they are treating as a hit and run – with the biker still being traced and one of the motorists, caught up in the incident, placed in hospital.

The passenger, who recorded the video, did not wish to be named, but said that the vehicles were travelling at around 65mph when the crash happened.

Credit: NBC

The crash started to unfold when the biker, and the motorist in the car, had an exchange of words when the driver seemingly cut the bike up.

The biker then swung around to the driver’s side of the car, kicked it, and caused the motor to swerve.

It’s unclear then whether control has been lost by the driver of the car, or whether he has turned back to hit the biker, but it smashes into the central reservation.

As the car then comes back across the road, it hits a white pick-up truck, causing it to flip.

The biker races off further along the highway, leaving a trace of mangled metal behind him.

Footage, caught by the NBC helicopter, after the crash shows the white pickup has had its doors removed, and the elderly driver stretched into an ambulance.

“Obviously it was a road rage incident. He was kicking the vehicle. We have to get a statement, see what’s going on,” CHP officer Josh Greengard told NBC.

“The old man who had nothing to do it was the one that got hurt. Hopefully by doing this, it can help him out.”

One eyewitness told the news channel: “Road rage is absolutely horrible, and I hope that everybody invests in a dashcam, because you need to catch this on film.”

Had the biker and the motorist been in slower traffic, they may have been able to have their dispute out face-to-face, like two drivers in London.

Credit: Andre Coolahan

In rush-hour on Friday, a lorry driver stepped out of his cab and pulled the driver of a silver saloon on to the road. Punches followed, before they eventually continued on their journeys.

Featured Image Credit: NBC