Airman and pregnant wife are separated by distance. Then photographer brings them together

Each year, thousands of military men miss out on their wives’ pregnancies and the subsequent birth of their children. It’s heartbreaking and awe-inspiring at the same time, as it takes a very strong individual to be willing to give up so much to protect the rights and freedoms of so many others.

Brandon Phillips was crushed that he would not be there for his wife during pregnancy. The fact that he had to miss his wife’s maternity photo shoot emphasized the sad reality he faced.

Jennifer McMahon, a photographer based out of Miami, FL, captured this sacrifice in the perfect way. But utilizing our favorite old-school tool – Photoshop – she found a way to allow soon-to-be-Military-dad, Brandon Phillips, to be a part of his wife’s maternity shoot.

The juxtaposition of these two photos really illustrates the sacrifice that our servicemen and women make.

Source: Jennifer Ariel Photography

Here is the photoshopped image. This man will never be able to feel his baby’s feet kick, and his wife won’t have him there during the ultrasounds.

Source: Love What Really Matters

Veronica was newly pregnant with her and Brandon’s first child together when Brandon – a member of the Air Force – was asked to deploy overseas. He wouldn’t be due back until after their first child’s birthday.

When it came time for Veronica to do her maternity shoot, she decided that Brandon was going to be a part of it, distance be damned. She asked Jennifer, who owns Jennifer Ariel Photography, to make it happen. And make it happen she did!

In a beautifully photoshopped image, Jennifer successfully highlights the separation military families must deal with.

McMohan shared the image on her business’s profile page, where it has since received 37K likes and 2,400 shares. With comments such as, “This may well be the reason photoshop was invented!” and “My husband is also away, missing my second pregnancy and also missed the first. This is beautiful and a great idea, one to keep in mind for my maternity photos,” McMohan is pleasantly surprised by the attention her photo has received.

“I am so honored that my photo could do that. I know it’s not even the best photo, but it’s the story that it tells that means so much to people,” she says.

Upon seeing the photo, Brandon said, “[it’s pictures like this that] give military women a voice…’”

No one can truly understand the sacrifice that military men, women, and their family’s make, but thanks to creative and sympathetic individuals like Jennifer McMohan, maybe the world can understand just a little bit better.

Thank the men and women of our military by sharing this photo and giving them a much-deserved voice.

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