5 Different Ways To Ombré Your Nails

I’m not into nail art or nail designs at all. In fact, I’m not even into regularly painted nails. You might be able to tell that I don’t really care for my nails. If they are short and clean, then I am happy!

I thought I had my mind made up about how I liked the look of my nails. That is — until I saw ombré nails! Duh, of course I would like it. I already love the look of ombré hair! As much as I love ombré, I would only attempt to do this style on my nails. It seems a lot safer than trying to ombré my hair. I lack hair dying skills, so I’d probably end up looking like a mess.

What I love so much about this nail tutorial is that it’s super easy to recreate, and the result looks like a professional did them. In this video, you will learn five ways to ombre your nails. Love it!

The final look

Look how amazing each nail turned out! Each one is prettier than the next. Which nail is your favorite?

YouTube | cutepolish
I love this nail tutorial, and it looks pretty easy to recreate! Are you going to try this out? Comment to let us know!

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