39 People Who Mastered The Takedown


1. No chill, Gordo

2. To be fair, he’s a tough critic

Twitter | @C_visoso

3. Dad wins this round

4. Seriously, though…

Instagram | @pablopiqasso

5. Thanks, I guess?

Twitter | @mirrynbarney

6. They’re not wrong

Twitter | @morgangribble

7. Sometimes you gotta make up your own answer

8. Well sure, who doesn’t?

Twitter | @entripitol-force

9. Drake knows when to put some respek on it

10. Personally, this one’s my favorite

11. Thanks for the apology…

Twitter | @devrooney1

12. Not just any divorced mom, though. A hot one…

Instagram | @kalesalad
The next takedown was a little more physical than the rest…

13. I smell revenge

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Twitter | @jk_rowling

15. It all paid off

Twitter | @adunkel2016

16. Got her

Reddit | Sumidiotdude

17. At least he said “please”

Reddit | mazthrow

18. Pinhead Larry was kinda cute…

Instagram | @_theblessedone

19. Oh no he didn’t!

Reddit | pantscommajordy

20. She’s good

Tumblr | krriissppyy

21. As long as we’re talking about modesty…

Twitter | @ShahdBatalTwitter | @ShahdBatal

22. I don’t do, I delegate

Tumblr | ballerinadiver

23. Way to throw that shade, Mom

Twitter | @jaduun

24. Listen up, bullies, some things never change

Reddit | Aiken_Drumn

25. That’s the end of that convo

26. I’m not sure who the winner is here…I think they burned eachother equally

27. Oops! What a fortunate accident…

28. Clearly we’re not the weaker sex

Twitter | @jameelajoie

29. This is way better than giving out a fake number

Twitter | @YoungJustice13

30. Boomers vs. Millennials — this could get ugly

Imgur | youssef322

31. Don’t mess with our shower time, you will be sorry…

Reddit | tkhatri1997

32. Sorry, Reece, it doesn’t look like the odds are in your favor

Tumblr | suckmysushi

33. Called out by the parentals!

Twitter | @Allielizebeth

34. When you give shade, you can expect to get shade

35. Well, that picture came back to bite him

Tumblr | feminism4fun

36. He’s probably jealous because their abs are nicer than his will ever be

Instagram | @drsmashlove

37. Act like a dog, get treated like a dog

38. They make a fair point…

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39. Poor Dad, he just can’t catch a break, especially not from Mom

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