30 People Who Tried But Fell Just Short

Putting our best foot forward when attempting something is always a good idea; you don’t want to ever approach anything at half-measure. Sadly, even with the good old college try, some of us still land flat on our faces — much like these people who tried their darndest but don’t quite make it to the finish line.

1. This family going for a cute photo-op.

If you’ve ever seen the pictures of babies in watermelons, you know it’s an opportunity you have to try when you have a newborn. This is how you turn someone off watermelon for life.

Instagram | @mamaky23

2. Another family trying the same deal, different food.

I’d like to imagine her little brain is already plotting some scheme after she hits puberty to get back at her parents for stuff like this. At least it’s a pumpkin. It’s only good in pie form anyway.

Reddit | WhatTattoo

3. This daughter who improvised a vase.

It’s the thought that counts, right? The box is just the right size. Where she found it is a mystery but the cuteness overload makes up for not having to solve that issue.

Reddit | [deleted]

4. This person who photocopied their iPad.

I really don’t understand people sometimes. I know what they were been thinking, but I just wish they consulted with Google to learn how to print stuff off a tablet.

Reddit | mwee07

5. This guy going for the behind the back clap.

Some cuties just walked into the gym and this dude wanted to impress with his physical abilities. He bit more than he could chew, unfortunately. Ouch, you just played yourself.

Reddit | NatKram

6. This person who’s trying their hand at Pinterest crafts.

Oh, Pinterest, so many cool crafts on there that seem doable but it’s a struggle when you try and attempt them. It usually turns out quite frightening, like this.

Instagram | @kmus

7. This mom who attempted a dragon cake

Looks like she got to a certain point and decided to just cover the cake with random sprinkles, icing and dragon figurines to complete the theme. The candle horns are a nice touch.

Reddit | lemurvomitX

8. The person who did their best… I think.

You followed all the instructions meticulously, but when you opened the oven to find what should have been chocolate coconut balls, you’re left with dog poop. Don’t worry, icing sugar fixes everything.

Reddit | sale202

9. This guy and his Batman cosplay.

Or should I say Catman? Okay, sorry about that bad joke, but there’s a dad out there who’s chuckling his behind off right now. People wonder why cats are jerks; here’s one reason.

Reddit | DieZauberer

10. This girl trying something she saw online.

See, back in my day, they had disclaimers on television shows telling you to not try things at home. The internet doesn’t have such warnings, leading to stuff like this.

Reddit | barasa456

11. This mother trying to a get a nice shot with the pups.

Mom just wanted to take advantage of a beautiful day by having a candid photo shoot with the dogs by the water. Easier said than done.

Instagram | @grod1215

12. The person who tried to mount this TV.

I have to say, while I admire the effort to DIY this one, there’s a reason professionals do this for you. That’s a whole lotta money down the tube.

Reddit | dirtygremlin

13. This girl going for a tiger look.

I think her expression tells the whole story, but it’s a valiant effort nonetheless. I mean, the woman on the left probably had it professionally done, while yours was done by the clown at your niece’s party.

Reddit | JaredHFGva

14. The little bro trying to get his turn.

All he wants is his fair share of time on that sweet mini-jeep, but his older sister had other plans. I think she’s seen Daddy play too many Grand Theft Auto games.

Reddit | toliros

15. The person in charge of proofreading the tools.

So close yet so far. I’d like to know the process of how they get the letters on the metal because if this is some sort of mold, there are gonna be a whole lotta discount wrenches.

Reddit | tongue181

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