11. This raccoon who apparently really needs this welcome mat, even after getting caught red-handed.

I didn’t know raccoons were just bold creatures. That final staredown is a little too evil for me.

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12. He knows what he did. Would you be able to figure out where each letter goes without looking it up?

“Caught the suspect red handed with incriminating evidence. The suspect’s motive remains unknown,” wrote vetlemakt.

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13. This dog who you know has been told not to jump in the mud before. But that makes it so much better, right?

Dogs may act like they don’t know better, but that guilty face says otherwise.

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14. Not sure if this is a “caught red-handed” kind of moment, but the face is still adorable.

He’s probably wondering why that cup never seems to fill up. Happens to the best of us, buddy…

15. Hey cat, if you’re so angry about it, why is he getting away with the kibble?!

Raccoons seem to be a reoccurring theme in this article. Will he go for the second piece??

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