27 Magic Makeovers Proving Women Are Wizards


Instagram | @teengirlclub
Let’s take some time to give credit where it’s due – ATTENTION ALL MAKEUP WIZARDS! YOU HAVE A GIFT!
As someone who unsuccessfully faces the daily struggle of simple things like eyeliner, I love to give recognition to the gals (and some guys!) who effortlessly produce beauty.
It truly amazes me what a contour and highlight are capable of. Meanwhile, once a year I make an attempt at some eyeshadow and come out looking like I’ve been clocked in the face twice.
So kudos to those with the gift!

1. This girl is a sorceress of beauty!

Reddit | breakno

2. How on Earth?

Reddit | BoyBillion

3. Big differences!

Reddit | hybridx

4. An accurate representation of most females.

Instagram | @angelica_tosi

5. All in one!

Reddit | Noerdy

6. All women are born beautiful, but sometimes it takes that little bit extra to make us really feel it!

Instagram | @colorhoarder

7. This guy let his fiancé try out some drag makeup on him – what a beauty!

Reddit | johnwayneblack

8. So much transformation in one photo!

Reddit | TheJooce
Warning: the next work of wizardry may bring back nightmares you used to have as a child!

9. The rare effect of making a cute girl terrifying.

Sometimes it’s gotta be done!

10. No problem.

Instagram | @nereasmakeup

11. We’re in trouble now!

Instagram | @marydominique88

12. Some of us don’t have the gift and feel the need to resort to this…

Instagram | @bluntedblackbeauty
Next up is the most dramatic transformation of them all!

13. My eyes deceive me.

This is unbelievable!
Reddit | holysocks

14. Oh dear…

Instagram | @multiplesocks


Instagram | @teengirlclub

16. If only it were that simple.

Reddit | thegreeneyedone

17. It honestly makes a huge difference.

Reddit | BeckyClaire1

18. Sorry I can’t be her.

Reddit | doppelwurzel

19. I never knew contouring could improve my Wi-Fi.

Reddit | EddyMercury

20. I knew I was missing something.

Reddit | childishbambina

21. I don’t understand how they even got that far in the relationship.

Reddit | SuperS1M

22. They cram so much detail in a 3-minute video.

Reddit | McKennaWasRight

23. If makeup isn’t your thing, invest in dog filters.

Reddit | SnowWhiteGamer

24. Whose man is this?!

Reddit | nesnahnetsua

25. Who needs makeup remover?

Reddit | bayarea415

26. And what a great magic trick it is!

Instagram | @will_ent

27. Just a little inspiration.

Reddit | pidzik