25 Pictures That Prove Funny Is Alive And Well

I bet you need a break. No, that’s not a cue for you to begin eating a chocolate wafer candy bar — although, if you happen to have one nearby, go for it — it’s a reminder to give yourself a few minutes for a few laughs! Trust me, these are almost as a good as chocolate!

1. Anyone with a degree in the humanities feels this pain.

Well, I guess you could always get your revenge by sitting them down with a copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses and asking them what any of it is supposed to mean.

If they somehow don’t set it down right away, just let your smile get bigger and bigger with each angry “what?”

2. It’s just one of those days.

Ugh, it would be so tempting to either attack the machine or reach into it, but Homer Simpson already taught us about the dangers of doing both of those things.

I guess the only other solution is to wait for someone else to buy something and then just scream “mine” at the top of your lungs when everything falls down.

3. Denise is what we call clever.

Haha, well he can’t say he didn’t get what he asked for. Is Denise the daughter of a genie or something?

4. Despite all his flaws, he did have beautiful skin.

Tumblr | twitterlols
Well, at least it probably cost you a lot less to get that look than it did him. And I assume you’re supposed to wear your thing like that.

Come to think of it, you’ve got the edge on Dwight in a lot of ways.

5. Oh god, he’s going to sing it with his eyes closed…

Tumblr | twitterlols
Well, if you’ve gotta be that guy who plays acoustic songs at a party, I guess you should at least figure out how to do it on a leaf.

6. It’s abstract, but still…so complex.

I think my favorite part of this is that look on his face that says “Yeah, I totally nailed it.” I gotta hand him this, though…his version makes the sculpture look happier.

Of course, my second favorite part is the drawing board.

“Mother, please bring my masterpiece to the carriage. I need to retire to my studio.”

7. I hope to God this thing isn’t real.

Tumblr | twitterlols
I can’t get over how it’s got a whole seashell to crash in. I bet he bullied some poor hermit crab for it and laughed when the seagulls started chasing it.

This snail is bad news, people. Look at the way it’s looking at us.

8. If only such a job existed…

I mean, it’s not like there aren’t offices where people act like this is really their job. Ah well, they won’t last long unless they’re related to the boss.

Yeah…that’s probably why they’re always related to the boss.

9. Keep up that sweet talkin’.

Hey, I may be a gorilla but at least I’m a baby gorilla. That’s still really cute, right?

Yeah for any fellas out there who wanna try this, your mileage may vary. So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

10. Little did she know it was because my goldfish just died…RIP Jeff.

Instagram | @will_ent
To be fair, there are a lot of ways you could interpret those awful nights where I sobbed and screamed Jeff’s name over and over again.

Honestly, I thought she already did me a solid by not calling the cops. So this is really nice!

11. Well done, sir.

Granted, I must have missed that part of Game of Thrones where he rode around on a little box-man but ehh, it’s a minor detail.

OK, I’m really just sore that there’s no such character. Hodor was great and all but Li’l Boxman definitely needs to happen.

12. Whoa! Grandma’s not joking around!

Take it easy, the guy playing guitar on the train isn’t that annoying.

And even the dude ranting about how the government stole his brain is harmless enough as long as you don’t tell him you work for the CIA or the NSA. Basically, just don’t work for an acronym.

13. It’s just called bulking up for the cool weather.

And honestly, as someone who’s had days where two dinners were a thing, I’m in no position to judge you.

To be fair to me, if someone offers you an onion ring burger after you just had pizza, what do you say? No?

Sure, pal.

14. I know what I’m getting everyone for Christmas next year!

Instagram | @_theblessedone
The possibilities are truly endless! I mean, wanna send someone you barely know one of these? Nothing’s stopping you!

Well, other than a desire to make friends at some point but whatever, who needs that?

15. Name a cuter ginger than Ed.

Twitter | @taliacalandra
Shout out for keeping up that stone-faced expression too. As long as you act really unbothered about everything that happens to you, you can always claim that you meant to do it.

Didn’t think you’d be getting an important life lesson today, did you?