24 People That Know How To Solve A Problem


Necessity really is the mother of invention. Chances are, if we need it, we’ll find a way of getting it, although it may not always be by the most conventional means…but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to survive in this world — just ask the next 24 people who came up with some pretty hilarious life hacks!

1. Who needs a security system when you have cans?

Reddit | OveraHype

2. Definitely cheaper than a mechanic


3.  An easy fix when you run out of wrapping paper

Reddit | wes00mertes

4. That’s one way to do it


5. Here’s a complaint, pass it on

Reddit | DeftDrop

6. Messy writing can come in handy


7. Mom can outsmart anyone

Twitter | @Ryan_McCran

8. That’ll get them off your back

Twitter | @partyfactss

9. Who’d know the difference?

Twitter | @kenya_fuentes

10. Almost anything can be a writing utensil

Reddit | TexasForever_

11. It’s as simple as that!

12. Why wash a cup when you’re going to finish the whole box anyway?


13. “I forgot to buy candles”

Reddit | iCeCoCaCoLa64

14. It’s called recycling


15. New favorite food?

Instagram | @word_onda_street

16. This kid’s upper body is going to be jacked in no time

Reddit | viralcar

17. At least they’re good for something, right?

Twitter | @BrendenMelody

18. When you run out of ice, this will have to do


19. Facetime: the most underrated kitchen appliance of the century

Imgur | ProAndMad

20. This guy gets it

Know Your Meme

21. No bowl, no problem!

Twitter | @Shabs_100

22.  Hopefully, he doesn’t float away

Reddit | btrdtoast

23. You’re never a sucker when you can leverage supply and demand

Instagram | @bagelrolls

24. Now that is some demon squad love right there.

Instagram | @kalesalad