Written by Moira Ghazal
We all have those days where hair is the absolute last thing on our minds and we have zero motivation to put any kind of effort in how our hair looks…

That, or we just had no time to wash it! Either way, we still need to look presentable (somewhat) to go out into the world, because if you look good, you feel good! Even on those days where your hair is a dirty mess and you think all you can do is stick it up in a ponytail, think again!

These hacks are honestly amazingly simple and sometimes even work better with dirty hair! Here are 23 hairstyle hacks to help you never leave the house looking like a mess ever again.

1. A 20-second updo.

Come on, everyone has at least 20 seconds in their life.

2. Want to curl your hair in a jiffy?

Split your hair and curl. Genius!

3. Dirty hair?

Use dry shampoo before bed.

4. Want to dry and style your hair at the same time?

This can definitely be done with a hot air brush.

5. Uplift your ponytail with two bobby pins!

It might not seem like much, but it goes a long way.

Here’s a view of how to put the pins in.

Piece of cake.

6. You probably think you can’t get this look easily, but it’s sooo easy.

 Roll your hair up into an elastic hairband.

7. Or you could tuck and cover the headband!

You have to admit, this one is beautiful.

8. This is probably the easiest bun method ever. A plus is that there are no bobby pins and no hair ties!

The end result looks great! Two thumbs up.

9. If your hair is really bad, do a little pick-me-up in the sink!

This is great for greasy bangs, too!

10. This is the perfect messy bun that you can make in less than 10 seconds.

It also works better on dirty hair.

11. Another beautiful fast hairstyle.

This one takes roughly 10-seconds.

12. This little product right here, it does just about everything.

It acts as a styling agent, conditioner and a heat and UV protector.

13. If you are tired of lame looking ponytails, listen up!

Get a fuller ponytail with a hidden butterfly clip.

14. A quick and easy twisty bun.

It definitely takes less that one-minute to do also.

15. How beautiful is this one-sided braid hairstyle?

Even better is that this style looks better with unwashed hair.

16. Have curly hair?

Stretch your natural hair with no heat in just 10 minutes.

17. Hate fly-aways?

Use a toothbrush to tame them.

18. If you haven’t used spin pins, you’re missing out.

They are so much easier than bobby pins!

19. This is sleek and only takes a few minutes.

Perfect for work!

20. Messy knot upgrades your ponytail!

This probably takes less than 5-seconds to do also.

21. Boar bristle brushes add some boost to your hair.

It will add a little shine while you style.

22. Self-grip Velcro rollers allow the voluminous look of blow drying your hair with a round brush.

Wayyyy less work.

23. Bad hair day?

Create a stylish turban with any scarf!