22 Average Joes And Plain Janes Winning At Life

These days, our world is obsessed with celebrities, their fashion, their romances, and of course, their scandals! In fact, sometimes we forget that us regular people can be pretty entertaining too, so here are 22 pictures to remind us that there’s a lot more to your Plain Janes and Average Joes!

1. Get it, girl! Don’t let that $1,500 fine stop you!

Reddit | smellyorcas

2. If you have a dog, you should be doing this

Reddit | [deleted]

3. Look at him, he’s really feeling the weight of that decision

4. Jay Z would be proud

Reddit | kekembas17

5. Now THAT is good parenting

Reddit | a300zx4pak

6. The Lord approves

Tumblr | skrotchevo

7. My bet is that she knew but loves a good trolling

8. You go, Dad!

Twitter | @ovoxchlo

9. Shaq gets it

Twitter | @gwondleabout

10. We have an open-door spaghetti policy

Reddit | CosmicKeys

11. Gotta include everyone

Twitter | @Ataliagarcia5

12. You do you, boo!

Instagram | @will_ent

13. Kudos to the photographer who knew who the real star was

Reddit | CosmicKeys

14. That’s one way to get around the rules

15. Denise knows how to play the game

16. When you find true love, never let it go

Reddit | mySTi666

17. Big life achievements should always be celebrated

Twitter | @madddiiison

18. When it’s 2 a.m. and you’re feet are swollen, you do what you must

Twitter | @martynhett

19. If they don’t supply the snack of your choice, you bring it!

Twitter | @DaleVDelrosario

20. Don’t let anyone tell you who you can and can’t love

Instagram | @kalesalad

21. Winner of the office costume contest

Twitter | @Trungles

22. When people won’t listen to reason, it’s time to resort to memes

Instagram | @kalesalad

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