20 Times Life Was Full Of Trickery

Surprises make life interesting, especially if they come in the form of pranks.

That being said, pranks are basically glorified lies that are only funny if you’re not the victim of such trickery.

Unfortunately, if you’ve recently been deceived, these pictures may be a little too traumatic to look at. Consider yourself warned.

1. When this purse was the ultimate letdown

Who wants to carry the most annoying emoji on their person? And as if it wasn’t obnoxious enough, they’ve added a good dose of glitter.

Instagram | @kalesalad

2. If you’re not using your friends’ worst fears against them, are you really friends?

The answer is no. Being someone’s best bud means making them look like a fool on a regular basis and on special occasions.

3. Facebook can get really boring, but that doesn’t mean you can lie to spice up your timeline.

I must admit, this bluff is pretty genius. But even so, it ain’t right.

Twitter | @squinkyelo

4. This is why you should shell out the extra money to live alone.

This is enough to make me forgo bathing for weeks, which I’m pretty sure any roommate would not appreciate.

Instagram | @will_ent

5. Okay, I’m just jealous I didn’t think of this first.

I have so many questions. The first being where can I get one of these? How much did it cost? How much liquid does it hold? And finally, how the heck did a single teacher not realize this was a giant flask?

Twitter | @eleanorclrke

6. Just because it’s easy to trick drunk people doesn’t make it right.

Technically, this isn’t trickery. But if you don’t have superhuman vision, it’s definitely false advertising. What a shame.

Reddit | justlikepersephone

7. Finally, the biggest conspiracy of the century is exposed.

I always wondered why they would put clothing that high on the shelf. It’s not like you can actually reach it. Logically, it’s a workplace hazard. Luckily, it was all a lie.

Imgur | mrbradfo

8. Trickery done in the name of love is the only acceptable form of dishonesty.

We all need someone who is willing to pull together a makeshift replica of us in order to keep us out of trouble. I wish I had a friend like this in high school.

Instagram | @kalesalad

9. No one is ever this nice unless they have a hidden agenda.

Consider that a timeless piece of life advice. Trust me: Put this in your back pocket and you’re basically set for eternity.

10. This is the only way to deal with someone who ghosts.

If you messed around with a ditcher, don’t feel bad pulling something like this. Maybe this will teach them to stop messing around.

Instagram | @nochill

11. When this camping trip took a very dark turn

On the downside, the food will taste horrible and you’ll be eaten alive by mosquitos, but on the plus side, I hear butter is a great moisturizer.

Twitter | @kalesalad

12. When this cat tried to play you for a fool

Apparently, he’s been watching the dog do tricks and has learned how to play dead. Don’t let him fool you, though. He has nine lives.

Twitter | @Mr_DrinksOnMe

13. When this panini was stuffed full of nothing but lies

Literally. Why do you think there’s so little cheese and meat? Because they had to make room for the lies!

14. When this refreshing shower turned into a very pungent sensory experience

There’s nothing quite like being trapped in a steamy bathroom that smells like rotting socks and salty feet.

15. When your online life and real life didn’t quite match up

Everyone goes on about the risks of getting catfished while dating online, but what they don’t realize is that you’re way more likely to get catfished while online shopping!

Twitter | @taylandfrench

16. When our eyes deceived us and our taste buds betrayed us

It does look like a nice cup of English Breakfast…maybe this is what people mean when they say that makeup is deceptive.

Twitter | @NimffMcManus

17. When someone went out of their way to ruin your day

Destroying a $20 bill just to be so cruel? This is some pretty terrible white collar crime if you ask me.

Reddit | AuthenticSteez

18. When allergy relief had a dangerous twin

Trust me the only thing worse than sneezing all day is sneezing all day after taking a laxative. Your nose isn’t the only thing that’s runny…

19. When the packaging was more than a little dishonest

That, my friends, is not lasagna. In fact, it looks more like the outcome of consuming the laxatives in the above picture.

Twitter | @davecargill

20. A trip to the vet is the ultimate relationship test for you and your pet.

If you act a fool and try to trick them, chances are they’ll never look at you the same way again.

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