20 Stunning Natural Phenomenons That Seem Impossible


The world can seem so small when you are used to what goes on around where you live, but in reality it is a vast space full of incredible naturally occurring phenomenons. From nature to animals, you’ll be amazed by what goes on all around the world. Who knows, maybe one of these phenomenons occurs where you live and you didn’t even know!

If you just can’t get enough beyond these 20 phenomenons, here are 11 more!

1. Dirty thunderstorms

2. Snow chimneys

Stem from active volcanoes in very very cold areas of the world.
Georgestein Metz

5. Frost flowers

6. Spotted lake

Amusing Planet

7.  Lake Natron

8. The great blue hole

Twisted Sifter

9. Murmurations

Mumurations are the name of huge flocks of starlings, around 50,000.

10.  Fairy Circles


11. Underwater crop circles

12.  Red crab migration


13. Catumbo lightning

14.  The door to hell

15.  Flammable ice bubbles


16.  Winnie The Pooh Cloud

DailymailXposure Photos

17. Giants Causeway

18. Circumhorizontal arcs


19.  Lenticular clouds

imgur | Anrora

20.  Sea of stars