20 Struggles You Know All Too Well If You Have Thin Hair

Ladies (and gentlemen) with thin hair know that the struggle can get real. People walking around with their thick, luxurious hair will never understand the pain and suffering you have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s not fair, but if that’s the way things have to be, at least you can all suffer and complain together, right?

1. You seriously can’t stand when people complain about having thick hair.

And you’re just over here with your three spaghetti strands crying, totally willing to trade. Just say the word.

2. Any time you shed some hair, you have to mourn its loss.

You seriously can’t afford to be losing your hair like this. It’s in such limited supply, so you need to protect each and every strand.

3. Same goes for when you discover your hairbrush full of stray hairs.

You start looking into other hair combing options because obviously your brush is out to get you and your hair.

4. You know you can’t wear your hair in certain styles because you simply don’t have enough of it.

Braids, for example, look like sad little pieces of string. It’s pitiful.

Twitter | @sscraigg

5. Sock buns look hilarious on you because you don’t have enough hair to actually cover the sock part.

You knew it was going to happen, but still you try. It’s like you have hair amnesia.

Instagram | @montanavicki

6. Actually, any buns in general look really funny on you.

They’re just little tiny nubs on the top of your head, and you’re constantly left wondering why life isn’t fair.

Twitter | @13_ashlyn

7. You get excited when new styles emerge in hopes that you’ll actually be able to pull them off for once.

But yet again, you’re left feeling confused and disappointed. Don’t worry, you’re far from alone here.

Instagram | tiffany_pele

8. The first time you saw what Gollum looked like, you could have sworn you were looking in a mirror.

Don’t worry, we promise you don’t actually look like this. Unless you do, and in that case, it is like looking in a mirror, and we’re so sorry.

9. Too much hairspray leaves your hair instantly hard and crunchy.

And it’s not long before it looks like you haven’t showered in 12 days because your hair just hates product.

10. Of course, you need hairspray because your hair refuses to hold any shape when you style it.

If you straighten your hair, it falls back to curly. If you curl your hair, it’s back to straight before you leave the house.


11. Putting your hair into a ponytail is the worst experience.

You have to wrap the elastic around your hair so many times, and you have a small collection of ones that are the perfect size.

Instagram | @rumbieeee

12. You’re constantly readjusting your ponytail because the elastic is always sliding out.

You usually just end up giving up and wearing your hair down because it’s not even worth it.

13. Pinterest hairstyles literally make you laugh out loud.

There’s no way you even have half enough hair to get the looks they’re showing you. You save them anyway because you still want to try them on your thick-haired friend.

14. Static and frizz are literally your worst enemies.

Winter is so not your friend, but on the plus side, the humidity in the spring isn’t so bad. Take that, all you people with thick hair.

Instagram | @borealcoast

15. Sunny days are personal attacks on your scalp, and hats are your best friend.

You’re constantly getting sunburns on the top of your head, and it’s not like you can apply sunscreen to your hair. I mean, you could, it’s probably already greasy-looking anyway.


16. Thin hair isn’t represented in the media, and honestly, it’s kind of rude.

All you see in hair commercials is thick, luxurious hair and it’s like, hello? Where’s the inclusiveness, please?

17. Your friends are always trying to cheer you up and tell you that your hair “isn’t that thin” when you know darn well that it is.

Sometimes it’s best to just embrace the stringiness.

Instagram | @zeitavenus

18. You can’t actually prove that thick hair keeps your head warm in the winter, but it only makes sense since your head is always freezing cold.

You wish you could get away with wearing a knit hat 24/7.

Instagram | @sineva_happy

19. Your hairdresser won’t let you get extensions because your hair isn’t thick enough.

To be fair, it’s great that they have your back like this. Have you seen what thin hair and extensions look like???

20. You find yourself hating on your hair, but in reality, there is so much to love about what you were born with!

It’s fun to complain about all those struggles, but in the end, we are who we are! SHARE if you agree!

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