20 Simple Life Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Yesterday

Face it — life is hard. There are never enough hours in the day and staying on top of everything you have on the go can sometimes feel overwhelming. We all know that one person who’s an absolute mess and never seems to have their shit together. Don’t be that person.

To help you get through adult life, we’ve compiled 20 of the best life hacks out there. These simple and cost-effective hacks will save you time and reduce the stress and anxiety you face in your day-to-day life. These tips will help you in every facet of your life, from the office to the grocery store to your home. Plus, these easy little tricks are so simple that you won’t believe you hadn’t thought of them yourself!

1. Get the Kernels Out!

Don’t wanna chip a tooth next time you have popcorn? This hack will get those crunchy little tooth-haters out of your way for an easy-on-the-teeth popcorn experience.

reddit | PatrickAllen13

2. Don’t Mix Up Your Keys

Think of how many times a day you use the wrong key. The time you waste testing keys adds up, so save your precious time and use nail polish or paint to color-coordinate your keys. They’ll also look prettier this way!

3. No Quarter?

No problem! Stuffing a key into those annoying coin slot shopping carts will usually work, just don’t forget your key when you leave. Now you don’t have to beg strangers for money like a homeless person!

reddit | Tomnomnomas

4. Never worry about thieves again.

This diaper trick wards off even the most devious of thieves. People might think you’re a little bit crazy when they witness you opening up a diaper, but when they see you pull your wallet and phone out of it… Nope, they’ll still think you’re crazy.

reddit | TheDanimal8888

5. Tape Your Toes

It may seem odd, but if you’re wearing heels, try taping your toes. It will help alleviate foot pain and keep you dancing late into the night!

reddit | PersianBambina

6. Wire Holders

Isn’t it annoying when you unplug your phone or computer and the cord falls onto the ground? And yet, we continue to allow our cords to fall. Stop this horrible cycle by using some simple office clips to hold your various charger wires in place.

drbakker | Lifehacking

7. Out of Recycling Space?

Use cardboard to add a secondary level of storage to your recycling bin. Be sure to check the recycling guidelines in your area to make sure that they can recycle cardboard.

reddit | sans_pulp

8. Shell No!

By simply adding some baking soda to your boiling hard-boiled eggs, you’ll ensure that you never struggle with crumbly, ripped up, shelly eggs again.

reddit |

9. Drunken Salad

A miniature alcohol bottle makes a perfect container for your salad dressing. Your coworkers might think you have a drinking problem, but once they see that it’s only salad dressing, they’ll be doing it too!

reddit | sciamoscia

10. Trick People Into Thinking You’re an Adult

Convincing people that you’re an adult can be a lot of work. A simple way to make people think you’re more mature and professional than you really are is to simply get a briefcase and carry it around with you.

Facebook | Men’s Humor

11. Corkscrewed

If you ever find yourself without a corkscrew, don’t panic. If you have a toolbox, you can have your wine! Simply embed a screw into the cork and then use a hammer to pry it out. If all else fails, you can smash the bottle with the hammer and enjoy the glassy wine goodness (just kidding, please don’t do this).

reddit | xventriloquist

12. Pop Your Top

Poke a straw through a strawberry to easily pop the stem off. This is great if you’re freezing a large volume of strawberries.

reddit | [deleted]

13. Make the Perfect Ice Cream Sandwich

Slice directly through your ice cream carton for perfectly circular ice cream sandwich centers. For some reason, a perfect circle of ice cream is so much better than a boring old scoop.

14. Use the Force

If you’re too weak to open a tightly sealed jar, reach for the duct tape. Attach a long strip of tape to the lid and then use the excess tape as a handle for pulling.

reddit | kr100

15. Po-Ta-Toes!

Aside from boiling them, mashing them, and sticking them in stews, potatoes also work well as a safe and effective way to remove broken light bulb sockets. The potato protects your hand and grips the socket for easy removal.

reddit | happyperson

16. Tank Hanger

Don’t waste multiple hangers on your tank top collection. Instead, use shower curtain rings on a single hanger for an easy way to store and organize your tanks.

reddit | kvnmahan

17. Stripped Screws

Any poor soul who’s struggled with those cheap Ikea screws knows how irritating it can be to try to put something together or take something apart with stripped screws. A simple elastic band can save you a lot of time and energy.

Instructables | VygerGregory Han | Apartment Therapy

18. Make Your Taco Stand

If you’ve ever been stuffing your tacos and thought to yourself, “I sure could use an extra pair of hands,” this idea is perfect for you. Use a fork to keep your taco shell balanced so that you have two free hands to load on the fixings with.

reddit | bmc143

19. No More Tangled Wires!

We all have a box or drawer somewhere in our homes that is overstuffed with a nightmarish tangle of interweaving wires and chargers. Its very presence in our otherwise organized homes can be deeply unsettling. Get rid of that tangled mess by using toilet paper rolls to store your wires.

Instructables | berserk

20. No More Butt Splash

Aside from a dirty toilet seat, the automatic toilet flush is one of the most terrifying adversaries you can face in a public bathroom. When you’re least expecting it, the flush can go off and send a cascading splash of cold toilet water across your backside. It’s terribly gross and unpleasant, but it can be avoided by hanging a piece of tissue paper over the sensor. Say goodbye to Poseidon’s Kiss forever.

reddit | 8_Hearty_Ropes
Main image via reddit / 8_Hearty_Ropes

Collage images via 1. Gregory Han / Apartment Therapy 2. Instructables / Vyger 3. reddit /xventriloquist 

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