20 Accident-Prone People Just Trying To Live Their Lives

Some people roll through the day smoother than Jennifer Aniston’s hair, while the rest of us have spilled our coffee, ripped our pants, and shattered our phone all before noon.

Yes, if you are one us, the accident-prone people, life can be rough! But the good news is you’re not alone…

1. This person who will not be having nuggets for dinner

As a nugget lover, this is a devastating sight. So pristine, so golden — they didn’t deserve this tragic end. RIP, my beauties.

Twitter | @VludDiamond

2. This person whose efforts to clean up ended in an even bigger mess

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing trash fire first thing in the morning. I imagine the scent lingers all day.

Trash Bag Bursts the Moment Woman Goes to Throw It in Garbage

3. This driver who pulled off what seemed almost impossible

If she managed to do this much damage in an empty parking lot, I definitely don’t want to see her on the road…

Reddit | [deleted]

4. This butter-fingered individual who decided to make the best of a bad situation

I really can’t judge because that baby’s head is definitely cleaner than most floors I’ve eaten off.

5. This person who’s definitely going to need a new iron

Perhaps more upsetting than the iron are those wasted strawberry marshmallows. Although if you grab a few graham crackers, maybe it’s not a waste after all.

Twitter | @goth_cakes

6. This person who was late to work all because of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

All it takes is some misplaced bread and breakfast spreads to throw a wrench in your day!

Reddit | knighter50

7. This person whose car cleaning bill is going to be through the roof

I see they were transporting both Coke and Pepsi, so they clearly had it coming. Pick a side!

Reddit | [deleted]

8. This man who wasn’t even safe while furniture shopping

Not many people can boast that they’ve been sucker punched in the jaw by a chair. Better get an ice pack on that…

Reddit | MaloLalo

9. This person who baked their glasses

If you’re not wearing your glasses, obviously it’s hard to see where you’ve misplaced them. It’s a vicious circle, but on the bright side, the bread still looks good!

Reddit | MyLoveBox

10. This person who will definitely be visiting a professional next time

I know that most people will tone their hair after bleaching it, but usually green isn’t the desired hue.

Twitter | @Rebecca___R

11. “You’re probably wondering how I ended up here…”

Ever get stuck while playing hide-and-seek? Yep, every one of us has had those “it seemed like a good idea at the time” moments.

Reddit | [deleted]

12. This girl whose meal ended rather abruptly

This is a truly tragic moment caught on camera. Not since the great Cinnamon bun collapse (not enough yeast) of 1814, has their been such a tragedy.

Reddit | moixax

13. This sports journalist who wanted the scoop but got the splash

That’s unfortunate — I think somehow she got more of it than him. That mane must be water-repellent or something.

Reddit | PalousePirate

14. This person who professed their love to the wrong number

At least, I hope they got the wrong number. This is much more depressing if it actually reached the intended person.

15. This guy who just lost his dearest friend, Johnny Walker

At least it wasn’t a bottle of the Blue Label. That would have really been something to mourn the loss of!

Reddit | Ektojinx

16. This kid who did something and somehow managed ending up like this

What exactly was the something he did? Handstand, break-dancing, shot from a catapult? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine.

Reddit | homarlozoya

17. This person who just wanted a nice relaxing soak

That’s no Mr. Bubble bubble bath, that’s a Mr. Bubble-on-steroids bubble bath. I feel like you could easily suffocate in that!

18. This person who was struck my a misfortune of the cheesiest, sauciest kind

I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but this one is actually more tragic than the cinnamon bun collapse of 1814.

Instagram | @locostacoscatering

19. This person whose soulmate was taken from them forever

All I needed to do was set a timer and my beloved would still be with me. I’LL NEVER LOVE AGAIN!

Instagram | @ckgrubbs

20. This person whose grand entrance took a turn…or tumble, if you will

To be fair, it’s probably the fault of the person who put their car into neutral instead of park. Good thing it was a slow roll…

Twitter | @keeleymillerx

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