19 Parents Who Were Social Media Savages

Social media allows parents to feel like they’re connected to their millennial children and the world wide web all in one, swift dose.

And you know what parents friggin’ love? Convenience. They’re old, after all. Gone are the days when you worried if your mom was going to pick you up from school in her hair curlers and pj’s.

Now we’re worried about our moms sharing celebrity death hoaxes on Facebook. #RIP

1. This mom is shameless, and I fully support it.

I have absolutely sent this text to multiple group chats. Moms can care about their likes being on fleek too, okay?

Tumblr | ruinedchildhood

In fact, I’d rather my mom care.

Yas, queen! You go share those all-natural sunscreen recipes. You go comment on any pic I’m tagged in asking, “Who are these people?” I need that shiz.

2. Iconic.

There was a time when people actually printed out their pictures. I know. It sounds like a lie, but it’s not. Most snaps are only meant to be enjoyed for 10 seconds due to low quality, and also I prolly look ugly, but nonetheless these are adorbz. 

3. I aspire to be this petty as a parent.

Honestly, yes. I am not above doing whatever it takes to be the favorite parent. If that means sabotaging their sleep cycle — I’m down.

Twitter | @Carbosly

4. She’s not wrong.

Parents getting Snapchat seems to have removed a lot of the emotional attachment they have to the words they say. I’m gonna need some ice for this burn, amirite?

Twitter | @kevinillest

5. Poor Nick.

This mom is not afraid to keep it real. I also like her concern level, as if this even looks like a drink with booze in it. It looks like a strawberry protein shake.

I literally fell off my chair reading that almost TMI caption.

I just hope for his sake, and the sake of his future children, his friends got to read all the comments before he untagged himself.

6. Your fave could never.

This is the ultimate in #relationshipgoals. This mom knows you gotta advertise your relationship on Snapchat ’cause that’s where the snakey betches are.

Post me on your Snapchat story so I know it’s real.

Twitter | @empratts

Honestly, we can all only hope for this.

It reduces me to tears to see such a pure love. Such a vibrant green tie, and such an aesthetically pleasing patio chair. Eternal love to them forever!

7. This mom calling her daughter out on Snapchat is who I wanna be when I grow up.

She not only has A+ creeping skills but to then fully call herself out for creeping is iconic AF.

Instagram | @kellypaigemusic

8. You know what parents love? A good guilt trip.

Parents love to make their children feel like assholes. Brittany was just trying to get lit, c’mon, now. Don’t act like you didn’t live la vida loca in college, Dad.

Like, wtf is she supposed to do now?

Oh, sorry, guys. My dad just put a very emotional FB comment on my vague status so I’m gonna go pick up a paper route or something, like…?????

9. Are you crazy???

I mean, she kinda is. Who posts something like this KNOWING your parents have you on FB? That’s honestly your own fault, and if you’re that messy, like, that’s problematic.

Also, she posted this from a Blackberry. Remember Blackberrys?

10. We all know that one friggin’ parent…

Who takes everything literally and thinks they’re hilarious. This Snapchat is tragic.

Look at this poor child. He is dead in the eyes. Look what you did to his birthday spirit, you ass.

11. You’re doing amazing, sweetie.

This is honestly a great way to teach your children responsibility. You gotta fight for your right to party, kid. It doesn’t just happen ’cause it’s your birthday.

Twitter | @Faux_Ma

12. This is so extra. I’m crying.

WHO IN THE WORLD? What parent has the time to create a FB for their infant child? To take it a step further, who has interactions with it? I cannot deal.

13. This mom, who knows the importance of a FB tag.

Poor Ellie. All she was tryna to do was live her single, everlasting life, but Mamma Anne has a different plan. Also, my mom has done this — multiple times. DO MOMS NOT KNOW EVERYONE CAN SEE WHAT THEY TAG US IN????!!

Twitter | @_Ellie_97

14. Pls no.

I am rolling on the ground rn. I want it to stop. I want it all to stop. I’m cringing. Jesus take the wheel, I’m too shook to drive.

Can you imagine being Jared rn?

The literal balls on his mom though. Changing a FB relationship status is SERIOUS business. Especially for old people. It is child’s play no more.

15. We can only hope to be such a queen.

But let’s be real, if I made that bomb-ass meal, it’d be sharing the spotlight with no one. Just me and my food.

Weirdly enough, that is also the title of my autobiography.

Twitter | @Namastaywoke

16. #parentgoals

Let’s be real, if my child isn’t this in tune with me by age 5, I will consider them an impostor. Lego isn’t a fucking joke. It takes blood, sweat, and tears.

Twitter | @nicfit75

17. I do this now…?

I don’t have kids — if that wasn’t obvious by now — but I literally have to sneak-eat any sort of dessert delicacy in my house for fear of theft. So basically, I’m a mom.

Twitter | @abhorrent_wife

18. I’m charmed AF. This mom see’s beauty in the li’l shit.

Honestly, even if she did know what AF meant, she would be spot on. The flowers are beautiful AF. Live your life, kween.

Twitter | @SortaBad

19. Me. Me. Me. Meeeeee!!

Honestly, kids are — no offense — SO PETTY. I bought this crown. It’s mine. I am the queen. You, sweet child, are hardly a step above peasant.

You tell her, girl.

Twitter | @LurkAtHomeMom

But as truly wild as they are, parents on social media are hilarious.

Watching them self-destruct, get hella petty, and attempt to be current is honestly my fav pastime. Don’t hate, appreciate.

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