18 Lovable Characters Who Are Actually The Worst

We all have those characters from our childhood that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but what if they weren’t full of sunshine and rainbows? If we took a closer look at what these characters really had going on, we might change our minds about wanting to be their best friends. Let’s look at some of our favorites without the rose-colored glasses on.

1. Joey from Friends

Although he can be charming and smooth, Dr. Drake Ramoray had a known habit of taking women out and then never calling them again. He really was the original “ghoster.”

He’s also not the most generous.

2. Woody from Toy Story

Woody was a very selfish cowboy. Firstly, he didn’t like anyone touching his hat and secondly, he “accidentally” pushed Buzz Lightyear out a window just so he could have Andy all to himself. Rude.

3. Anna from Frozen

As an older sister, I can relate to how needy Anna is towards Elsa and how she cannot take a hint. For the last time, Elsa does NOT want to build a snowman.

4. E.T. from E.T.

As a well looked after guest in Elliot’s home, he destroys a majority of his host’s property just to build a phone and leave as soon as he can with no regard for Elliot’s hospitality.


5. Harry Potter from Harry Potter

Okay, everyone just hear me out! Harry never had the best grades and he risked his friend’s lives constantly. Snape was a better person than Harry and you know it!

6. Doc Brown from Back to the Future

Doc made Marty — a high school student — meet him in the middle of the night to film him using stolen plutonium that he had promised to build a bomb with. ‘Nuff said.

7. Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell

Not only did she turn down Screech time after time, but she would consistently mock the poor guy who was so in love with her. A simple “no” would have sufficed, Lisa.

8. Wilson from Cast Away

He was a terrible conversationalist, was constantly bloody, and he put no effort into his rescue when he was floating away. There was zero give in his friendship with Chuck — all he did was take.

9. Danny Tanner from Full House

The father of D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle needed to take a serious chill pill when it came to cleanliness. He took tidy to a whole new level and should have been okay with his kids getting dirty once in a while!


10. Jeanie Bueller from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Jeanie tried so hard to bait out her innocent brother. What does she have to complain about? She got a car when Ferris got a computer. She also made out with a super sketchy random in a police station.

Tumblr | Thesaboteur

11. Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

He’s completely bedridden until the opportunity of touring around the chocolate factory comes up. Maybe you could have found that strength to help Charlie’s mom around the house? No? Cool. Steal some more fizzy lifting drink.

12. Lumière from Beauty and the Beast

Not only does he put on an extravagant song and dance for a dinner he was specifically told not to serve, but he puts all this food in front of Belle and then doesn’t let her eat any of it!

13. Genie from Aladdin

He doesn’t use one of Aladdin’s wishes to get him out of the cave but takes one away to save his life when he is drowning. You couldn’t have considered that one a freebie?

Then he leaves Aladdin as soon as he is free. K, bye…


14. Jack Skellington from Nightmare before Christmas

He takes over not just anybody’s holiday, but Santa’s holiday. He also sends a group of sadistic children to kidnap jolly ole St. Nick. Plus, he steals his hat.

15. Glinda from The Wizard of Oz

She steals a pair of shoes from a witch who was just killed and gives them to the girl whose house landed on her. She also could have told Dorothy how to get home way sooner.

16. Steve Urkel from Family Matters

Constantly barging into the Winslows’ home unannounced and creeping the heck out of Laura does not make for a good neighbor. Also, “Did I do that?” Yes, and you know you did, Steve! You know you did.

17. Frozone from The Incredibles 

Remember when Frozone yells at his wife about his super suit like a grumpy toddler instead of asking nicely? ‘Cause I sure do. Find your own damn laundry, Frozone!

18. Donkey from Shrek

Buddy could not take a hint when it came to staying in Shrek’s swamp. He was told repeatedly that Shrek didn’t want him there but he was like, nope, I’m making waffles whether you like it or not.

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