16 Pics That Prove You Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Nature


1. It’s the reason why this car is going nowhere fast.

Guess flying cars are still a distant dream. (Or maybe somewhere out there, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley are in big trouble…)
Reddit | bignut

2. No mercy for bikes either.

Explain to me, how does this even happen? Did the bike fly into the tree and get super-stuck? Of course not. Maybe it was on the ground and the tree grew with it?

3. Sensing a pattern here…

Most tree-sucked objects show signs of being stationary for a very long time. This motorcycle looks too new to be an antique, but maybe you’re never too young to get sucked up by a tree.
Reddit | uberrrr

4. When your room service goes all natural.

Hotel Del Salto in Columbia was once an abandoned building with a tragic past, but has since been restored and functions as the Tequendama Falls Museum of Biodiversity and Culture.
Imgur | Hakker Mathias

5. Hey, at least your commute isn’t this bad.

Amazingly, this subway station in China is still running. Although it looks abandoned, this station finished construction in 2015. From the looks of it, rush hour must be pretty slow.
Reddit | BunnyipPouch

6. Maybe you should spit that out…

This tree in Michigan might have bit off more than it could chew with this hazardous substances sign. Hopefully there are back-up warnings in the area.
Reddit | Gr3yham

7. No soil? No problem.

The underground and unsung heroes of the ecosystem, tree roots don’t get enough credit for keeping our favorite suckers alive. These roots in particular are getting attention for growing in near impossible conditions.
Reddit | Likk

8. These trunks are having a tug of love.

Sharing a plate of spaghetti is so cliche. Reddit user JTcolt40 noticed these barked up lovers sucking on an intimate chunk of bench together.
Reddit | JTColt40

9. Feast your eyes on this googly glory.

What was once a simple tree was transformed after some hero gave it the gift of sight. May it never fall into the water behind it.
Reddit | purblephoebe

10. Looks like the thirst is real too.

Not suitable for drinking, but that’s not stopping this thirsty trunk from making its way through the entire pipe and its corresponding sign.
Reddit | _RorySmith_

11. Again with the bikes?!

Seems like nature has a vendetta against  stationary two-wheelers. This overgrown green behemoth was spotted on the streets of Utrecht, Netherlands, conveniently right across from a bicycle shop. Brilliant homegrown marketing maybe?
Reddit | martez89

12. Class is never going to be in session again.

Reddit user a2susan came across the entrance to the long abandoned St. Margaret Mary school in Detroit, Michigan, teeming with ivy and exploding flora.
Reddit | a2susan

13. Nature is a stickler for rules.

Even trees can be moody. This no-nonsense hardwood holding this stern sign won’t be thrilled if someone cannonballs, but won’t be able to do anything about it. (Probably…?)
Reddit | meatybone


Years later, the same tree revisited has a whole new personality. Apparently this new tree is easygoing, has a reversed swimming policy, and might we say, a new pair of peepers?
Reddit | Meatbone

15. There’s one thing nature is never going to do: stop.

All signs point to the wilderness overcoming anything. Wonder if years from now, this sucker will have a weird hexagon-shaped limb?
Reddit | gravityisweak

16. Nature can’t even stop nature!

When all else fails, there are no bicycles for miles, and there’s nothing else to suck, at least these two wooden lovers have each other.
Reddit | thegreatgaspie