16 Nifty Little Tricks That Will Make Your Beach Trip Legendary

Going to the beach is incredible fun. The sun on your face, the wind in your hair… Sand in your mouth, car, wallet, and somehow in your oven two weeks after you’ve returned from the beach. OK, going to the beach sucks – but not with these 16 tricks! Follow these tips and you’ll have as much fun as this little Dachshund. Look at him go! That’s just a crab you silly pup.


1. Carry the kids’ toys around in a mesh laundry basket. The sand can escape, but the toys can’t.

2. If your kids aren’t a fan of sunscreen, firstly tell them about how important it is. Then, let them play with it a little bit and let them experiment with sunblock tattoos.

3. To avoid sitting on a sandy towel with your sticky sunscreen butt, or to keep your kids from crawling about everywhere, use a fitted sheet to create a cute little enclosure.

4. Put the kids’ sunscreen on before even getting in the car to drive to the beach. This way, they’ll be protected the whole time they’re standing around while you unload all their toys once you get there.

7. A muffin tray 12 times the condiment holder, one time the cleanup.

8. Remind yourself and your kids when to reapply sunscreen by writing it on the bottle.

9. Invest in a tent. It’ll keep the little ones protected from the sun and it’ll make all the other beach goers jealous because you’re the boss who brought the tent.

10. Cupcake liners are great for many things. Baking cupcakes, for one, but also for keeping sand out of your drink at the beach.

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