16 Little-Known Reasons Lemons Are The Most Important Item In Your Fridge


1. Lighten Freckles

While some people love their freckles, many don’t. How Hunter says that because lemon juice can act as a gentle bleaching agent, you can fade your freckles with a simple lemon juice facial twice a day for several weeks.

2. Remove Odors From Shoes

If you’re concerned the smell of your feet is starting to both you friends and family, all you need to do is put lemon peels inside to take the stench away.

3. Make Buttermilk

How often do you have buttermilk on hand? I’m going to guess: not very often. If you have a hankering for buttermilk pancakes, add a tablespoon of lemon juice to a cup of 2% milk as a buttermilk substitute!

4. Prevent Browning On Cut Avocados

Any true millennial knows the horror of their half-eaten avocados turning brown before it’s their turn for toast. Use lemon juice to slow the process.

5. Give Yourself All-Natural Highlights

Add some lemon juice to the areas of your hair you want to lighten and head out into the sun. You’ll be blessed with natural bleach-free golden highlights!

6. Get The White Stuff Off Your Kettle

The stuff that makes you unsure if you should drink the boiling water? It’s really just a calcium deposit known as “limescale” that you can get rid of by adding lemon juice to water and boiling it!

7. Use Dried Lemon Peels As A Fire Starter

Leave your peels out to dry for a few days and use them when you need to start your next fire. These are great for camping or lighting your fireplace!

8. Lemon Juice Invisible Ink

Write your secret message in lemon juice, then when you want the message to become visible, heat it up with a lighter to reveal what you wrote!

9. Clean Plastic Containers

You know that leftover lunch you accidentally let sit a bit too long in your lunch bag? Use lemon to get rid of the gross, lingering smells.
YouTube | RealSimple

10. Remove Stubborn Warts

All you need is half a lemon and a cotton ball, according to LiveStrong. Squeeze the lemon juice over the cotton ball and dab your wart and surrounding area. No need to rinse!

11. Treat Pesky Dandruff

According to Step to Health, massage two tablespoons of lemon juice onto your scalp and rinse with water. Follow that by rinsing with a mixture of water and one tablespoon more juice.

12. Revive Soggy Lettuce With Lemon Juice

Who else envisioned themselves making salads to one day realize you left it too long and it’s soggy? Put the lettuce in a bowl of water with lemon and refrigerate to help it spring back.

13. Do Your Laundry

The natural bleaching component of lemons make them perfect for boosting your detergent’s brightening performance. Include a cup of lemon juice in your laundry to make your whites sparkle!

14. Clean Stainless Steal

Ever wondered how to get the grime and finger marks off your sink and faucet without buying fancy products? Rub lemon on them to make them shiny once again.

15. Bleach Your Underarms

I know, I’ve always thought you needed nasty chemicals to do that. Nope, using a lemon is a natural way to bleach under your arms, according to Saudi Beauty. The more you know!

16. Clean Your Microwave

Slice a lemon in half and put it in a bowl of water. Microwave for three minutes, then let it sit in the microwave for another five minutes. Wipe clean. You’re welcome!