The saying “with friends like you, who needs enemies?” is about as old as dirt by now, but it doesn’t get any less true as time goes on.There were probably cavemen who roasted their friends mercilessly for wearing a lame animal skin, and that trollish impulse is alive and well today.

But because we apparently love them, let’s celebrate the friends who always try to annoy us.


1. This is a perfect example of why it’s so important to have a lie detector around when the squad turns up.

Because what better way to prank your friends than to make baristas their enemies?
Instagram | @kalesalad

2. And when she does finally discover what this person did, she’ll probably know exactly who it was.

If your friends haven’t angrily texted you about some prank you pulled two weeks ago, it’s time to step it up.
Instagram | @will_ent


3. Pretty much anyone with this name must be going through some misery right about now.

Gotta give them props for finding a bottle with the right name, though. That must have taken a while.
Instagram | @nochill

So yeah, it’ll probably be hard to decide whether to roll her eyes or feel warm and fuzzy inside.

The gift is sweet and thoughtful, but when has anyone ever said “bye, Felicia” in a nice way?

4. It’s always bittersweet when someone has finally sown all their wild oats.

It’s probably for the best, though. We can only call everyone “bro” for so long before it starts to get a little sad.
Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

5. Ouch, I’ll bet this guy never thought he would miss the days when his roommate just drank all his milk.

But when they start creeping out his potential dates? That’s when the battle lines are drawn.

6. And here we learn that bae will get us into as many wacky adventures as the squad.

I’m not sure what’s worse, the pranks or making them worried about what end up being the world’s most facepalm-worthy situations.


7. What are friends for if not finding increasingly elaborate ways to waste each other’s time?

And it’s something they’ll always have for themselves, because nobody else they try to explain it to will get why it’s funny…which makes it even funnier.
Instagram | @kalesalad

But hey, what else are they supposed to do when things get boring?

And it’s way better to be bored with your friends because then you can just let the madness take over without being judged.

Well, without being judged too hard, anyway.

8. Yeah, take notes from this dad.

The only thing worse than doing something you know your friends will hate is making them hold up your handiwork. After all, you want to preserve that priceless look of disappointment forever.
Instagram | @will_ent

9. This is the risk anyone takes when they tell their friends who or what they hate.

Sadly, her life will become a lot more complicated unless she can find something that annoys the Cage fan just as much.
Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

10. Uh…wow. Perfect photo timing aside, I really can’t see this one ending well.

Something tells me this started with him saying, “Mom got mad when I tried this on my little brother, but you’ll be fine.”
Instagram | @will_ent


Yeah, if one of your friends ever says something like that, it’s pretty much time to run.

No only should you suddenly need to go to the bathroom, but you should see something really “interesting” out the window that you need to check out.

11. Well, at least this person can rest easy knowing their roommate will never go hungry.

Yeah, that’s it. This wasn’t a prank — they were just making sure their dear friend survived the long, harsh winter.
Instagram | @god.of.appleysauce

12. Well, a lot of guys say their wife is their best friend, and what we see here definitely applies to friends.

Namely, that they’re the ones most likely to remember your most embarrassing failures and to have pictures of them.
Instagram | @thebestoftumblrofficial

13. Now, this is a great way to welcome your family member back from a nice and relaxing vacation.

I would just immediately walk past them and pretend I don’t know them.
Reddit | richardec

14. This would be a lot different if it were from an enemy. Well, maybe it’s actually not so different.

Married or not, just answer with, “congrats!” Just keep it nice and simple.
Instagram | @kalesalad


15. This is the kind of friend I aspire to be. No wait, I AM this kind of friend.

You want me at YOUR birthday? Well, only if it’s on MY terms.
Instagram | @tank.sinatra

16. This is the best passive aggressive note I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

This guy better sing happy birthday to the fish. If he doesn’t, that’s just plain disrespectful.
Instagram | @kalesalad

17. Just when you thought your significant other would find you hot fire today, they present you with your doppelganger that is…not really that.

Like, thank you so much much honey!