16 Easy DIYs To Create A Dreamy Bedroom


My favorite book of all time is Anne of Green Gables. I have loved that book since I was seven. There is just something about Anne Shirley that I find fascinating. Maybe it is her quick temper (because I can kind of relate to that) or her wild and daring nature, but I have to say that what I love most about this character is her massive imagination. Throughout the entire novel and series (there are six books that the author wrote strictly about this character), Anne Shirley never loses her imagination and young spirit. Her dreams and imagination are what make her so compelling.You might be thinking, “that’s great and everything, but what does it have to do with DIY?” Well, I feel like our dreams inspire us to create and live our lives with passion and imagination. One of my passions is DIY, and when I think of Anne Shirley and her creative imagination, and how she was inspired by books and learning, I think about what inspires me. I love looking at DIY projects and decor, and in turn, I am inspired to do my own DIY projects. So, in honor of one of my fictional idols, I would like to compile a list of dreamy DIY decor ideas.

What or who inspires you to live out your passions and dreams? Share your story with us!

1. Monogram Floral Letter Art

Monograms are everywhere lately, so why not put one in your bedroom? This floral monogram is perfect for dreamy bedroom decor.

2. Faux Fur Chair

Take a boring desk chair and give it a dreamy makeover with a faux fur rug from IKEA.
Fresh Idea Studio

3. Upcycle Thrift Store Finds

Dreamy bedroom makeovers are great, especially when the accessories cost you next to nothing! Paint your thrift store finds to make them new again. I love the feather motif. So dreamy!

4. Paint Your Switch Plates

Don’t forget the tiny things. Switch plate covers look great after a touch of paint!
A Piece Of Rainbow

5. Tote Bag Pillow

This no-sew tote bag pillow is the perfect accessory for a dreamy bedroom.

6. Floral Chandelier

Mobiles aren’t just for babies anymore! More and more we are seeing mobiles incorporated into adult decor. This floral chandelier is beautiful yet refined.

7. Cover Ugly Cords

Make visible and ugly cords part of your decor by wrapping them in yarn. A quick and beautiful fix for those unsightly but needed parts.

8. Neon Light

You’re never too old for a night light, especially when it is as cool as this! This may look hard, but it is actually quite easy. You can purchase neon rope light at a very reasonable cost to make this DIY.

9. Pom-Pom Basket

Even your laundry hamper should get a dreamy makeover! I love this pom-pom basket!

10. Drawer Pulls

Dreamy doesn’t always have to mean light pastel colors. Gold is pretty dreamy, too! I just love these plastic toys that have been upcycled into drawer pulls. So creative!
Ashley Poskin | Apartment Therapy

11. Canopy Bed

Dreamy bedroom decor doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to create. If you have always wanted to have a canopy bed, don’t let cost or skill level hold you back! This DIYer made this canopy out of cheap dowels from the craft store and put it up with thumbtacks. Yes, I said  thumbtacks!

12. Dreamcatcher

What’s more dreamy than a dreamcatcher? This thing “catches your dreams.” Enough said.
Lisa Tilse | Envato Tuts+

13. Painted Globe

Give an old globe a new and dreamy look. Love the contrast between the black and the blue, and the gold writing is like icing on the cake!

14. Lamp Shade Upgrade

These rosettes are so easy to make (just a little time consuming), but when you look at the end result — totally worth it!
Pajama Crafters

15. Reading Nook

Dream the day away in a cozy reading nook. This whimsical piece of decor is both functional and beautiful.

16. Giant Flower Wall Art

With a pile of cardstock, some scissors, and creativity, you can recreate this stunning piece of dreamy decor, too!